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Writing Appraisal Articles

The Benefits of Posting Online Appraisal Articles

by Administrator on Apr 16, 2016 Writing Appraisal Articles 1421 Views

Appraisal related articles posted on this site, like other article sites, end up on various search engines and authors benefit from online traffic that is directed from their article back to their own websites. Online marketing via an appraisal articles site is not as effective as having repeated personal contacts with potential customers or having an established relationship with clients already, these are the strongest connections for appraisal business. Referrals are likely the second strongest method for having potential customers directed to you. Online marketing via appraisal articles do however provide tangible results. Non-appraisers who read appraisal articles, like those posted on, are usually already interested in the specific appraisal or real property being discussed in the articles. Thus they already part of an appraiser’s target audience. They find their own way to an article, you don’t have to round them up or herd them to the article, o

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Does Writing Appraisal Articles Have Any Benefits?

by Administrator on Jun 12, 2017 Writing Appraisal Articles 1145 Views

I would say that writing an appraisal article about a specific issue is a great experience. You can share your experiences with other like-minded appraisers or other people who have an interest in your topic. Posting it will get it read on the Internet on almost any site. Some venues will get your article read by more people but if the topic is very specific search engines will find you out. If you are writing about something that affects only appraisers you are targeting a relatively small community, and it's likely your article will be read on the Internet but it may be read by only 1,000 people. If you are writing about how to keep your home mortgage interest rate low you may get read by 10,000 people, there are just so many more general article readers than appraisal article readers.

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Our SEO Report Card

by Administrator on Sep 25, 2017 Writing Appraisal Articles 1305 Views

Thus, this site is ranked in the top 10 with both and search engines. We are lacking some direct links, and we are working to remedy that problem, but the website has over 1,100 backlinks. We appreciate the support of our readers and we will continue to try to publish information that appraisers and the public can benefit from and are interested in reading. If you do a search engine query you will find that this website is near the top of the search engine results if you are looking under “appraisal articles.”

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Estate Appraisals - Appraising Multiple Properties

by Administrator on Dec 26, 2017 Writing Appraisal Articles 1234 Views

Estate appraisal assignments are usually welcome by appraisers since they can keep one or more appraisers busy for weeks or even months without their having to wait for work. When you have 10 or 15 assignments to do you don’t have to stress about where your work is going to coming from. For small firms with demanding bank or hard money clients who expect their work to be given priority a large number of additional estate assignments just isn’t going to be possible to complete. There are estates that need real property appraisals completed in multiple states, and many smaller firms don’t hold licenses in more than one or two states at a time. I have had appraisal licenses in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin, but I only have one currently active appraisal license in Nevada. So, while I can complete the Nevada portion of an estates needs I would have to find another appraiser to complete estate work needed in say California or Arizona.

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