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Business Appraisal

The appraisal of a business entity

Going Concern Appraisals

by Administrator on Feb 1, 2015 Business Appraisal 1128 Views

The investment value of a business, or its "going-concern" value, reflects the fact that an income generating business with real property assets generally has a value higher than its liquidation value since "going-concerns" are by definition established. The value of a "going-concern" depends not only on its assets, like the underlying real estate and the inventory, but also on the business entity's ability to produce net profits over time. Appraisers of "going-concerns" thus investigate historical profits and losses and attempt to forecast how it will perform in the future.

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Pedestrian Traffic is the Life's Blood of the Las Vegas Strip

by Administrator on Dec 9, 2016 Business Appraisal 393 Views

Appraisers often consider traffic count as part of their analysis their is a correlation between the demand for a retail property and its average daily traffic count. A property that has 30,000 vehicles per day passing it is simply not as sought after as one that has 100,000 vehicles per day. Properties like C-stores know just how important vehicle traffic counts are to their bottom line. In the same way, pedestrian counts are important to Las Vegas Strip properties. The Strip at certain points has literally millions of pedestrians passing over it during a 24-hour period. Even not so popular segments of the Strip can see 6,000 pedestrians an hour. Having or not having a strong pedestrian volume can make the difference in wild success or total and complete failure to a business.

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Appraising a Marijuana Dispensary

by Administrator on Jul 3, 2017 Business Appraisal 200 Views

When you think about it appraising a marijuana dispensary is not that much different from appraising a restaurant or a taco stand. You can sell 40 different kinds of weed and paraphernalia but it's all about what you pay for the product, your expenses and what you can sell it for. In other word it's all about net profits. Business appraisers try to establish historical evidence by looking at income and expenses over several years. If you know what to expect over the next several years you know what you can afford to invest as a buyer and get a return on your time and money.

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