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The Benefits of Posting Online Appraisal Articles

by Administrator on Apr 16, 2016 Writing Appraisal Articles 639 Views

Appraisal related articles posted on this site, like other article sites, end up on various search engines and authors benefit from online traffic that is directed from their article back to their own websites.  Online marketing via an appraisal articles site is not as effective as having repeated personal contacts with potential customers or having an established relationship with clients already, these are the strongest connections for appraisal business.  Referrals are likely the second strongest method for having potential customers directed to you.

Online marketing via appraisal articles do however provide tangible results.  Non-appraisers who read appraisal articles, like those posted on, are usually already interested in the specific appraisal or real property being discussed in the articles.  Thus they already part of an appraiser’s target audience.  They find their own way to an article, you don’t have to round them up or herd them to the article, or pay a great deal of money to get their “click” via a keyword search engine, you may not keep them when they finally arrive if they don’t find the content they are looking for, but if the search engine provided them with enough information to get to the article its likely they will read part or all of the article.

So traffic can be directed to a site and effectively increase traffic to it.  Not traffic for traffic’s sake but traffic from potential appraisal customers.  It’s the kind of traffic that that appraisers are looking for not random hits from the general public.

Appraisal articles answer some potential client questions about a relatively wide range of appraisal topics that potential clients deem to be important.  Thus the content of an article often enhances the credibility of the author who wrote it.  If an appraisal author discusses a topic like; billboards / outdoor advertising signs, cell tower site appraisals, right-of-way ROW taking appraisal or other eminent domain topics like compensable versus non-compensable damages there are parties online who are interested in those subjects and they will read what you have to say as an author.  

Online appraisal authors don’t have to have to personally know who an online visitor is and they don’t even have to accept a referral made by a third-party in order to benefit from their online article.  Appraisal authors can make connections with individuals and businesses because the readers recognize that the author understand something about a specific appraisal topic.  If, for example, the author discusses the discounting of fractional interests in real property when they are appraised a parting who needs an appraisal of a fractional interest may be the reader.

Authors may ask “is it worth my time to post an appraisal related article?”  If you search appraisal topics on Google or Bing you will likely see articles from this site  If you visit our site you will see our “visits in the last 24 hours (live) bounce between 70 and 600 visitors per day and the average number of visitors per 24 hour period is near 180 or 5,400 monthly visitors and 64,800 annual visitors.  Visibility via search engines is much higher, but 5,400 monthly visitors is a substantial number of visitors and traffic to our site is growing.

Our appraisal articles site has not been monetized it has not been set up to sell the visiting reader things.  There are may be an ad or two but if you are seeking a lot of advertising its coming from a search engine or another source, it’s not coming from the site.

For authors of appraisal related topics looking for traffic send us your appraisal or real property article for review, we will consider it for submission.

Update 2016: Actually AWStats makes it a bit clearer, there are about 66,000 pages hit annually, which I called annual visitors, but the unique visitor count is much lower being only about 15,200, much lower than I stated.

For more appraisal information contact Glenn J. Rigdon MA, MRICS, ASA is a Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada based appraiser who can be contacted via email or via his business website known as Appraiser Las Vegas  (, or you can also click on “Contact Us” on the home page of this website or visit my public profile at LinkedIn at

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