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COVID-19 Impact on Las Vegas Real Estate Markets

by Administrator on May 5, 2020 Market Conditions Articles 953 Views

I recently got a call from some owners asking me about how much value their upgraded flooring and 2nd floor view added to their home, they could not understand why agents were indicating a much lower value for their home. The agents kept pointing to their lack of a swimming pool but they never took a second look at the $ 25,000 in upgraded flooring. In my opinion amenities like a 2nd floor view or stone flooring are things that you can get buyers to pay for in an upward moving market. They know they will pay a certain price for a model-matched home down the street but they will pay extra to get special extras if your home has them. In a normal real estate market amenities can make a big difference and appraisers pay attention to the cost of those amenities.

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