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Atypical Improvements - will the Buyer Pay for Them?

by Administrator on Mar 24, 2015 ROOT 879 Views

Will a buyer pay for atypical improvements? It's a question that you have to ask yourself if you are an appraiser working on a residential or a commercial appraisal assignment and you are considering the contributory value of features that are out of the ordinary. Improvements like luxury office build-out in an industrial building or a massive heated swimming pool with a power cover, a waterfall and a spa. Owners often provide extensive cost evidence when an appraiser starts an assignment on atypical improvements they usually expect to get compensated for them and they expect the appraiser to add value for the feature or features.

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Tax Deductions / Tips for Real Estate Appraisers

by Administrator on Mar 30, 2015 ROOT 3303 Views

Just so we are clear, my only real qualification for writing this article is my recent business audit of two tax years. I’m not a tax professional and I don’t want you to think that this article is authoritative I’m just providing you with some of my thoughts and opinions regarding paying taxes as an appraiser.

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Litgation Support Case Record (Additional Qualification)

by Administrator on Jul 13, 2015 ROOT 758 Views

For a long time I used a self-created format for presenting my court experience. The format that I used was very detailed and it included information on the judge, the attorneys, the case number and the specific type of case. It was my belief that attorneys looking at my court history would want that level of detail, but I found some asking for a "standardized" presentation of the data. I asked for direction and attorneys pointed me toward a new, more summarized format. I'm not sure how long this format has been around, maybe it's been used for 20-years and I just came upon it. Either way I wanted to pass the information on to other appraisers who want to summarize their court experience for presentation to attorneys without following my route. If you have information on an alternate format I would appreciate you passing it along to me so that I can share it.

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Contingent Appraisal Fees

by Garrett Steele on Aug 8, 2015 ROOT 940 Views

Many appraisers are asked by clients or potential clients to "work with me, you will get paid through escrow." The problem for appraisers is that it's often the case that if the appraisal doesn't "come in" in these circumstances there won't be an escrow to get paid from. It's one of those situations that appraiser's must approach with caution. If your fee won't be paid if a certain value is not reached clearly you can't accept the assignment. Even real estate developers with speculative projects have come to realize that most commercial appraisers will not invest their time and expertise and hope to get paid, they simply refuse to be put in that contingent fee situation.

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Appraising Small Motels

by Administrator on Jul 7, 2016 ROOT 578 Views

Small motels are often owner operated without national affiliation and while challenging they are not as daunting as there much larger franchised limited and full service big brother operations. Appraisers understand that motels are valuable because they generate income and they are usually analyzed as "going-concerns," and all three approaches to value are of course considered. Small motels are usually older facilities at least they are in my market. Newer motels here are usually larger than the 10 to 30 unit roadside motels that are disappearing or already gone from many communities. There are some of the small operators who are still hanging on, but it’s a smaller and smaller group. Larger facilities can offer common area amenities like a large reception area, breakfast, conference rooms and some even have restaurants and / or retail areas.

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Moapa Area Appraisals

by Administrator on Feb 19, 2018 Vacant Land Appraisal 15 Views

I have been appraising property in Clark County for over 20 years and I can tell you that relatively few appraisers will accept an appraisal assignment in Moapa. It’s a fact that many appraisers if asked don’t know the difference between Moapa, Moapa Valley, Logandale, Overton, Mormon Mesa, Warm Springs and Virgin River properties. It’s just “an area northeast of Las Vegas,” and that’s good enough. If you are talking to a potential appraiser about a Moapa assignment and they don’t inquire about water rights that could be a red flag. An appraiser must know if water rights or water services exist at a specific property and how much (how many acre feet) of water is available. it’s an important factor that affects value.

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AQB Takes First Steps in Lowering Appraiser Qualifications

by Administrator on Feb 15, 2018 Appraisal Standards 50 Views

As discussed in a recent article published by McKissock Learning on their blog, see the link below, the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) of the Appraisal Foundation will adopted changes to the Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Criteria following its fourth exposure draft that will become effective on May 1, 2018. The changes effectively begin, in my opinion, a breakdown of the entry barrier erected by appraisers, that restricted entry into the appraisal industry. As noted in the McKissock article, the following are some of the changes that are being adopted together with those noted in the following table:

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Discount Percentages / Real Estate Fractional Interests

by Administrator on Jan 30, 2018 Fractional Interest Appraisals 67 Views

If you have taken the time to search you may already know that there are a lot of articles out there on the web regarding fractional interests. So, what do appraisers do when faced with having to develop an appropriate discount for their assignment? If a property suffers no loss due to a lack of marketability and no loss due to a lack of control, due generally to owning a minority interest in a property, then discounting it may not be appropriate. A joint tenancy interest in a property may mean that you only own a portion of the whole, but claiming that your interest should be discounted is tenuous at best.

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Does Multiple Tenancy in a Single-Family Residential Home Affect Value?

by Administrator on Jan 16, 2018 Homes 31 Views

Most appraisers have walked into a single-family residential (SFR) home they are appraising and discovered that there are multiple families inhabiting it. Does this situation affect real property value or the results of an appraisal report? Financial institutions want to know from an appraiser if multiple tenancy is occurring in a building, it’s one of the things that they are paying you to establish. So, if you keep the information to yourself you have not provided them with the information they requested from you. Often the multiple family use of a home violates home owner association rules, master-plan community rules, city codes, zoning and planning.

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CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Residential Appraisal Standards

by Administrator on Jan 13, 2018 Appraisal Standards 53 Views

I just took a brief look at the new 112-page CoreLogic Valuation Solutions Residential Appraisal Standards online document that was recently sent to me via email. I don’t complete work for CoreLogic or for any of their affiliates but I guess they think that I am in need of a copy of their standards. I read the document and I was surprised by it. It appears that CoreLogic thinks that they are now the new de facto appraiser regulator. Oh no, I was told, the new standards are just to be followed by appraisers who complete work for CoreLogic. I’m asking myself, “so if it’s just for CoreLogic appraisers why is this document being distributed online to me and to other appraisers?

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