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Appraisal Technology - What Works, What Does Not

by Guest on Apr 30, 2012 Technology 1875 Views

Hand-held Scanners
I bought a top of the line scanner after seeing them in an appraisal tech course that I took, I was impressed with their capabilities.  The problem for me has been that I have had almost no reason to use it.  I even brought it to the library in hopes of finding some pages that I would have to have, scan some passage or image that would make the $ 200+ investment worth while, but it never happened.  My appraiser rating is 1 out of 10.

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Website development with HTML 5 and CSS 3

by julianafontana on May 3, 2012 Technology 1905 Views

In the early 1990s, there is one greatest change in the world by emerging World Wide Web. As time goes on HTML strongly evolved as most powerful markup language to build creative website. HTML is then supported by its close partners JavaScript and CSS, can be used to create visually stunning and interactive Websites development and web application solutions.

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IT Trends From Website Development to Web Portal Development

by julianafontana on May 28, 2012 Technology 1849 Views

The world of website development has a wide scope and daily new comers come to show their talent in this field. It was a great time when web developers would create HTML pages by typing in code for each page that was to be part of a website development. Then HTML editors such as Dreamweaver came on the website development market and helps website developers to create code very easily. To build successful website or to become expert in website development one should all the knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

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Rich Website development Experience With HTML 5

by julianafontana on Jun 22, 2012 Technology 1740 Views

HTML5 is a markup language for designing and developing website development content to make it very attractive and beautiful with the use of rich internet application and core technology of the internet.

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The Importance of Big Data to Small Town Appraisers

by Administrator on Dec 28, 2014 Technology 1714 Views

When you hear and read that more data is available to everyone and that it is and will in the future be analyzed using superior analysis tools, I'm sure that those statements are true. There is already an AVM program available to local Realtors here in Las Vegas that provides factual property information, selects comparable sales, several pages of market information and the model concludes a value based on a great deal of multiple listing service (MLS) information.

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Cloud-Based Appraisal Computing

by Administrator on Aug 19, 2015 Technology 1578 Views

The panacea that cloud-bases computing is supposed to be just doesn't exist in reality. Yes it's great for the big software providers like Microsoft and large-scale data accumulators to offer their shared services on a per person monthly fee basis to the masses. There is much less that has to be done to update a common community of users, and you don't have to worry about piracy, program conflicts or individuals working on old legacy operating systems, but if you lived through the old days of mainframe computer dominance you understand that there are many downsides to this computing structure. Most important is the loss of independent control over your own work environment. Today Microsoft Outlook went down on my wife's cloud-based machine, she works for a large company with thousands of employees who work on computers, and no one got anything done for over 3 hours. That's the old mainframe and the new cloud-based computing commonality, literally thousands of working people

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Using a Nikon D3300 for Appraisal Photos

by Administrator on Nov 27, 2015 Technology 1642 Views

I have transitioned my appraisal photography from my Nikon D5100 to the new Nikon D3300. The camera is in my opinion a big step-up from my old camera. The 24 megapixel (MP) photos that you can take using its standard "large" format will cover your entire office wall if you are into that kind of thing. The photos taken with the D3300 are sharp and the color reproduction is stunning. The D3300 is small for a DSLR, but it is fully functional, and it offers an automatic shooting function that unburdens those who just want the camera to make the decisions. I've seen it for sale as a package deal with lens, carrying case and extras for around $ 500 at multiple retailers.

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Sony's RX 100 Cameras are a Great Choice for Appraisers

by Administrator on Mar 26, 2017 Technology 2976 Views

I have written in another online article about the Nikon D3300 which is a through the lens digital camera that has worked great for me in my appraisal business. The Nikon is a 24 Megapixel camera that is the size of a typical single lens reflex (SLR) camera so I generally move it around in a large camera bag that contains extra room for lenses, batteries, chargers, memory chips and even a small stand. The problem with always having to carry around a large camera bag full of equipment is that it's not always convenient. The Nikon camera takes excellent photos but if I'm running out for one or a few comparable sales photos or I'm already out and don't want to go back to my office to get the bag I rely on my Sony RX 100. I have owned more than a few RX 100 cameras over the years and I have been happiest with the original model 1 and the model 3.

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Finding Real Estate Sales and Lease Data

by Administrator on Jan 7, 2018 Technology 1453 Views

The consolidation of real estate sales and leasing data into the hands of a few corporations has almost created a data monopoly for them. The choice now is to either join them or go without the data and it has become harder to find alternate data sources. Paying the relatively large monthly fees demanded or spending a great deal of time collecting the data yourself have been the only choices. Thus, real estate brokers, appraisers and investors have found themselves at the mercy of a relatively few data providers who can in the future demand whatever they feel is reasonable for access.

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5G will be a Boon for Cell Sites and Appraisers

by Administrator on Jun 7, 2019 Technology 974 Views

Don’t think 5G is going to be a big deal? You better start reading because it already is. One millisecond response time is faster than a human response time and “exponentially” faster than 4G. One promo I saw talked about being able to watch 400 movies simultaneously, as if that were a thing. I have read about the speed increases but what is talked about and what is delivered may be substantially different, but either way the technology will be life changing. When you think about the 3D world that is planned by Apple and others 5G has to be available to make much of it work. Amazing technological breakthroughs for the infrastructure and phones is not a future, long-term thing. Many jaw-dropping changes will hit the market in 2020 including many of the phones that you will need and be surprised by. The prediction is that everyone will throw away the phone that they have to purchase a 5G phone. That’s a lot of phone sales!

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