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Real Estate

Authors Notice !! December 13, 2011

by Administrator on Dec 13, 2011 Real Estate 1888 Views

Due to recent attempts to add unacceptable content / articles to this site I have deleted all "isnare" users and their past submissions / articles.  If you are an author who had articles on this site and you would like to post or re-post your articles, please sign in as an author using a real email account and I will approve you.  No articles submitted that contain advertising or discuss specific towns, countries or markets will be allowed, and author status will be revoked if any articles are submitted that contain unaccpetable content.

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Tips to Get a Great New Home by Using Technology

by Guest on Dec 15, 2011 Real Estate 1918 Views

Whenever anyone has to look for a new place or a second one when times are looking good, trying to find one from all the many that are on offer, could prove to be too much of a problem This could be the right time to contact a realtor for Chicago homes for sell or Chicago real estate outlets to see what is available in the designated area

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State of Individual Real Estate Markets

by Administrator on Dec 31, 2011 Real Estate 2302 Views

Everybody is well aware of the hit that the real estate market has taken over the past three years The economic fallout has been tremendous on both the micro and macro scale

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Lot Consolidation Plats

by Guest on Jan 18, 2012 Real Estate 2321 Views

Lot consolidation plats are surveys of several parcels of land that are adjacent to each other and owned by the same person and that person wants to combine them into one parcel of land This is a fairly simple process in most cases

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Long-Term Success in Real Estate Takes Careful Planning

by Guest on Jan 20, 2012 Real Estate 1935 Views

To avoid having your hunt for a dream house turn into agony, you are going to have to take a rational method to the process early in your search There are many issues you will need to consider before you even setting foot within a property available for purchase so that you do not waste your time and money on properties that do not jive with your circumstances and can possibly lead to down the road to financial ruin

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When it Comes to Real Estate Lingo Few of Us Are Native Speakers

by Guest on Feb 3, 2012 Real Estate 2213 Views

Most people who go through a real estate transaction are reluctant to admit that they are, all too often, pretending to understand what’s being said This is particularly true of first time buyers who are often embarrassed by their lack of experience

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New Home Selling Stats Revealed: Getting Your House Ready to Sell and Pricing For Correct Home Value

by Administrator on Feb 8, 2012 Real Estate 3706 Views

Thought provoking statistics for those home selling & home buying just came available through a national survey conducted by Keller Williams (KW) Realty Based on transactions conducted by over 2,000 KW realtors and the homes they sold over a 6-month period ending in December 2009, these housing marketing results have just been published in a 2010 KW Market Navigator "White Paper" of sorts

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4 Essential Resources to Find a Property For Sale

by Guest on Feb 9, 2012 Real Estate 1805 Views

If you are moving in a new place then the need for you to look for property for sale is very important For some people seeking a new property is very interesting

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5 Factors to Think About Before Buying Property

by Guest on Feb 9, 2012 Real Estate 2048 Views

Singapore property is now becoming popular these days A lot of people want to purchase them because of the low price

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Investing in a New Property

by Guest on Feb 9, 2012 Real Estate 1971 Views

Investing in a new property is a great way to earn you more money This is more advantageous than selling real estate properties

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Basics of Equity Mortgage

Jan 3, 2012 • 476 Views