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Does Writing Appraisal Articles Have Any Benefits?

by Administrator on Jun 12, 2017 Writing Appraisal Articles 384 Views

I would say that writing an appraisal article about a specific issue is a great experience.  You can share your experiences with other like-minded appraisers or other people who have an interest in your topic.  Posting it will get it read on the Internet on almost any site.  Some venues will get your article read by more people but if the topic is very specific search engines will find you out.

If you are writing about something that affects only appraisers you are targeting a relatively small community, and it's likely your article will be read on the Internet but it may be read by only 1,000 people.  If you are writing about how to keep your home mortgage interest rate low you may get read by 10,000 people, there are just so many more general article readers than appraisal article readers.

One article is also not going to do much for you if you want to get noticed.  I have written well over 500 and placed them on multiple sites and there is always someone reading them.  How do I know that?  Because I hear from quite a few readers.  Some ask me questions, some ask for my reference data, some want to argue a point and some actually offer a positive comment or uplifting note.  If you are not thinking big your attempt at being heard on the World Wide Web your voice could be lost. 

It's nice when you find a websit aht is not selling, selling, selling you things with pop-ups and multiple advitizers on each and every page.  On this site I try to keep the promotional material under control.  If you are writing articles just to write articles then again you are probably wasting your time, but an article that is considered useful by a number of people will get a lot more traffic, but if a reader has to struggle with 15 ads just to read a few paragraphs about a topic you can become frustrated quickly.

I am always amazed when I follow teaser links on topics that interest me.  It's difficult to hold onto the article as the Internet "weeds" grow up around it.  Many article sites are "monetized," which means filled with one ad after another trying to divert you from reading the original text.  You were interested a story, enough so that you followed a link, but once you got there you regretted it.  Does that sound familiar to you?  It happens a lot to me and I have started to avoid following story links that send me to time wasting sites. If you are looking for content you have to find websites that actually offer it and go back to them.

This site attemps to keep discusions about issues and topics down to a few paragraphs.  Articles are mean to be brief discussions and not like long, boring trade articles.  If I can tell the readers about something that is interesting then I have accomplished my goal.

For more appraisal information contact Glenn J. Rigdon MA, MRICS, ASA is a Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada based appraiser who can be contacted via email or via his business website known as Appraiser Las Vegas  (, or you can also click on “Contact Us” on the home page of this website or visit my public profile at LinkedIn at

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