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Pre-Screened Real Estate Appraisers

by Administrator on Aug 18, 2016 Commercial Appraisal 38 Views

At times I find some interesting Internet websites “results” when I use a search engine on the worldwide web. Like websites that display commercial real estate appraisers offering residential and commercial appraisal services who no longer practice, are no longer licensed and who left the business almost 10 years ago. It’s amazing but websites come up not after several pages but near the top of the search engine results. It just goes to show you how much attention is really paid to search results. It must happen because their sites, which have not been taken down, just continue to exist in the ozone of the web even though the content is meaningless.

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More Education or More Experience for Appraisers?

by Administrator on Aug 11, 2016 Appraisal Industry 54 Views

It appears that some appraisers have now decided in their wisdom that the combination of education and experience that were used successfully over the past years to form an entry barrier to those seeking an appraisal credential should now be changed. In an effort to wrench control from state governments who don't correctly "evaluate the quality of appraisal experience" it is now being suggested that more education should be required for commercial licensing but less for residential licensing. Of course, that makes perfect sense doesn't it?

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Some Agents Are Amazing

by Administrator on Aug 10, 2016 Business Operation 40 Views

I don’t usually write articles that talk about being helped with appraisal data, but I’m making an exception this time. I’m not going to disclose a name and embarrass someone or get them in trouble for helping me out but I want to acknowledge how much easier my life is as an appraiser when there are people out there who are willing to take a few minutes out of there day to help out. Not every report can be analyzed using multiple listing service (MLS) data or a sales database, there are times when I’m just “over the line” in an area that is for the most part “dark” to me, and getting data can often be like pulling teeth, it usually painful and unpleasant at best.

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Appraising Homes that are Being Remodeled

by Administrator on Aug 9, 2016 Residential Appraisal 32 Views

It's not unusual to find that the home that you have been asked to appraise is being remodeled. I find some properties with flooring removed, others with partially finished additions and some stripped down to their interior stud walls. What you are told before you arrive at a home and what is actually there when you get there can be two entirely different things. I try not act surprised by what I find but there are times that I can't hide what I'm thinking.

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Chasing Mineral Rights Value

by Administrator on Aug 6, 2016 General Appraisal 55 Views

One of the most difficult values that you may ever seek as a real property appraiser is a mineral-rights value. Mineral rights are one of the "sticks" in the bundle of rights that make up a fee simple interest. In some it appears obvious that a property has little mineral value while for others minerals may appear to have a substantial value. It's hard to argue that a property's highest and best use is not for mineral extraction when it has no infrastructure and its minerals have been valued by a Geologist at millions, but it's usually not as simple as that.

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