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Appraisal Theory versus Reality

by Administrator on Apr 27, 2016 Narrative Writing 16 Views

Most real property appraisers no matter how new to the industry have read about and understand the three approaches to value and they have read about appraisal theory as presented in appraisal textbooks. The approaches are not rocket science it takes a couple of semesters in school to cover all of the appraisal theory material including ethics. If you are one of those individuals who have read or studied appraisal theory you have likely realized that there are a lot of qualifiers associated with the application of any of the "approaches to value." Appraiser consider how to apply appraisal theory to real world problems every time they accept an assignment. The decide how to best solve the appraisal problem or problems. Appraisers generally conclude that the application of the same methodologies with provide credible results, but not always.

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What Features Add the Most to Home Value - Appraiser Opinions

by Administrator on Apr 25, 2016 Flipping 13 Views

There are a number of articles on the internet today that discuss this subject of value added by upgrades and amenities but few if any are written by appraisers. Since real property appraisers make critical decisions about the contributory value of single-family residential (SFR) home upgrades and add-ons daily I thought an appraiser's perspective may be welcome. Of course it's common sense to know that the features and upgrades that cost the most money, like remodeled a kitchen or adding an in-ground pool, are the improvements that add the most value. What homeowners want to know however is which investments provide the best return based on the investment made in those improvements.

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Are Home Appraisals Considered Confidential?

by Administrator on Apr 19, 2016 Appraisal Ethics 21 Views

The simple answer to the question “are home appraisals confidential?” is yes but only parts of an appraisal report are considered to be confidential by appraisers. The Uniform Standards of Profession Appraisal Practice (USPAP) via its Ethics Rule, that is adopted by most states as law, and federal regulations like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act require appraisers to keep some appraisal data confidential. It is important to understand that the information is confidential to the client, and that you may think you are the client but you may not be, not if the appraisal report was completed for a mortgage company or for a bank. If the appraisal was completed for someone other than you then you may not even be voluntarily provided with a copy of it.

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Appraisal Benefits for FSBO Homeowners

by Administrator on Apr 19, 2016 Selling 8 Views

Many homeowners want to know what their home is worth before they put it on the market themselves. They don’t want to find out after they start the process that they were $ 10,000 or more too low and lost that money because they didn’t ask enough or that they were $ 10,000 or more too high and now they have alienated all of the buyers by asking too much. Checking online with the prominent online sites like and their “Zestimate” will make many owners question their own sanity since owners often follow the home sales in the area surrounding their home. When you see three sales of properties located on your block at $ 120 per square foot (SF) and the online valuation model says your home is worth $ 100 per SF or $ 140 per SF you are taken aback.

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Las Vegas Strip Valuations

by Administrator on Apr 18, 2016 Las Vegas Strip 20 Views

I have discussed the valuation of Las Vegas Strip properties in the past and how that market stands alone unto itself. The Strip has its ups and downs over time as anyone who follows the news well knows, but those swings are not always in sync with the local Las Vegas / Clark County commercial real estate market. Land values on the Las Vegas Strip often run at least ten times higher than the prices being paid for the most well located off-strip parcels. Valuing land is straight-forward, you can usually find out what was paid and discover the upward or downward trend line and conclude a credible value.

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