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2015 Las Vegas Land Market

by Administrator on Mar 31, 2015 Market Conditions Articles 1 View

While the latest statistics indicate a slowly increasing average land sales price per acre in 2013 and 2014 most of the vacant land sales transacted were zoned or planned for residential development. In fact many vacant properties sold in the past 2 years that had commercial zoning and / or commercial planning were subsequently reasoned for a residential use. The commercial land market is still plagued with the high vacancy rates of office properties that have decreased only slightly over the last few years and the office vacancy is in fact still flying high near 20%. That is an amazingly high number when you consider how long it has remained high. As an appraiser I still notice the shiny, empty floors in many new office buildings, the fact of the matter is that there is relatively little demand for commercial land because there is still a glut of developed office properties.

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Tax Deductions / Tips for Real Estate Appraisers

by Administrator on Mar 30, 2015 ROOT 4 Views

Just so we are clear, my only real qualification for writing this article is my recent business audit of two tax years. I’m not a tax professional and I don’t want you to think that this article is authoritative I’m just providing you with some of my thoughts and opinions regarding paying taxes as an appraiser.

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Do Real Estate Appraisers Consider Inflation?

by Administrator on Mar 24, 2015 Market Conditions Articles 9 Views

While inflation has not been an issue for some time there have been recent reports that discuss the fact that inflation has started to creep back into our economy in early 2015 and I have been asked by owners and buyers of residential and commercial real estate if appraisers consider inflation during the appraisal process. Appraisers understand that there are different appreciation rates for residential and commercial properties and that the rates vary by zip code area within any City that is considered. Title companies and Realtor’s often publish “heat maps” that display the zip code areas with dark red color where the highest appreciation rates are.

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Atypical Improvements - will the Buyer Pay for Them?

by Administrator on Mar 24, 2015 ROOT 14 Views

Will a buyer pay for atypical improvements? It's a question that you have to ask yourself if you are an appraiser working on a residential or a commercial appraisal assignment and you are considering the contributory value of features that are out of the ordinary. Improvements like luxury office build-out in an industrial building or a massive heated swimming pool with a power cover, a waterfall and a spa. Owners often provide extensive cost evidence when an appraiser starts an assignment on atypical improvements they usually expect to get compensated for them and they expect the appraiser to add value for the feature or features.

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What Happens When an Appraiser Can't Find Comparable Sales?

by Administrator on Mar 24, 2015 Property Appraisal 14 Views

Appraisers often find themselves in situations where there are few or no current comparable sales available to analyze. They take assignments, on residential homes, commercial office buildings or vacant land parcels, and many times it's not all "sausages and roses." One of the first things Appraisers do after accepting an assignment is complete their subject property research, inspect the subject property and begin looking for comparable sales.

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