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Appraising for Divorce Settlement / Litigation

by Administrator on Apr 20, 2015 Litigation / Expert 0 Views

While appraisers are in most circumstances seeking market value, usually we are using the same definition of value the purpose of the appraisal can be radically different. In some cases the appraisals are for civil litigation, condemnation, contract disputes, deficiency judgment disputes, probate, bankruptcy and in some cases the appraisals are for a divorce. Appraising real estate for divorces is at times one of the most contentious of the lot since it is a husband, wife, attorneys and usually their families who can't stand to be in the same room together for 5 minutes without becoming emotional. If you have done this kind of work before you know that the yelling, screaming and unruly gestures sometimes spill into waiting rooms, hallways and elevators. While you want to be there to defend your appraisal report in court the circus atmosphere that develops can be a challenge.

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Do Larger Homes Sell for Less Per Square Foot?

by Administrator on Apr 18, 2015 Residential Appraisal 3 Views

If you restrict that question by saying "if the home is in the same subdivision with the same quality interior finish" then the answer may be yes. You can get a better buy per square foot in some subdivisions just by buying the larger model. The problem with the generalization is that larger homes in different subdivisions often have a different quality of interior finish. Larger homes with a higher quality of finish may sell for a much higher price per square foot.

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Aesthetics, Health, EMF and ROW Taking Remainders

by Administrator on Apr 11, 2015 Eminent Domain / Condemnation Appraisal 11 Views

The effects of transmission lines and their easement or easements on vacant commercial land value have been a subject studied by many including EMF scientists, academics using econometric models, by small town real estate agents and even by real estate appraisers. The easements established for most transmission lines disallow the construction of commercial building improvements beneath them. There's a fall zone for the steel towers or poles within the easement area. Parking lots and landscaping are however generally allowed within power line easement boundaries. So appraisers consider how much of a negative impact there is on value when a commercial site is partially or entirely affected.

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The Need for Estate Appraisals

by Administrator on Apr 10, 2015 Estate and Probate Appraisals 15 Views

The baby-boomers, a group estimated at 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964, is finally working its way toward the end of the proverbial “snake” and with that movement through time comes a tremendous corresponding movement of real estate and personal property assets and many of those assets will require appraisals. There are appraisals required when transfers are going to be made, when a property is going to be listed for sale, when assets are being value for tax purposes, when there are partial interest or fractional interest owners and when a property is going to be gifted.

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Restaurant Costs Per Person

by Administrator on Apr 6, 2015 Business Operation 15 Views

As an analyst I can't resist going through my receipts and making analytic comparisons. In this case I have decided to provide you with the median cost per person of visiting the listed restaurants in the Las Vegas / Henderson area. It's not my complete list but I think it may be informative to some. I'm sure it's obvious to you that the comparison has nothing to do with the food quality, I'm not comparing MacDonald's hamburgers to filet steaks at Outback Steakhouse. It's just a general price indication based on my own experiences (it's right off of my personal receipts).

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