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Does Writing Appraisal Articles Have Any Benefits?

by Administrator on Jun 12, 2017 Writing Appraisal Articles 9 Views

I would say that writing an appraisal article about a specific issue is a great experience. You can share your experiences with other like-minded appraisers or other people who have an interest in your topic. Posting it will get it read on the Internet on almost any site. Some venues will get your article read by more people but if the topic is very specific search engines will find you out. If you are writing about something that affects only appraisers you are targeting a relatively small community, and it's likely your article will be read on the Internet but it may be read by only 1,000 people. If you are writing about how to keep your home mortgage interest rate low you may get read by 10,000 people, there are just so many more general article readers than appraisal article readers.

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Cheap and Free Money Transfers

by Administrator on May 14, 2017 Business Operation 22 Views

If you have been in the appraisal business for any length of time you have wrestled with credit card processing. People love to give you their card but it's not so easy on the receiving end. I have been with the big processors, they have no qualms about throwing in an extra $ 125 charge, every once in a while, just because they can. I find it intolerable and after trying a couple of times I have quit them all. I have also tried PayPal,, Square, Inc. and It's all painful, they either charge you big monthly fees, a big signup fee, extra fees that were not clearly presented or they will do frequent charge backs or they will find some other way to torture you. If I had my choice I wouldn't deal with any banks. In fact, I have my business account with a credit union. There are fewer fees and punishment opportunities.

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Is Your Appraisal Volume Seasonal?

by Administrator on May 8, 2017 Business Operation 30 Views

Most of us (appraisers) live with variable demand that is caused by the ups and downs of our local real estate markets. If you are a residential appraiser you get busy when school lets out in April or May and then the volume abates when school starts in September. The same cycle affects real estate salesmen and bankers alike. Depending on who your regular customers are you may go into November and December very slow each year or if you have different clients you may not see that much of a change. Of course, it's easy to tell you that if you had a more diverse customer base that you would not have those seasonal swings, but in some places that seasonal activity is some of the only activity that occurs during the entire year. For those in the northern climes the cold weather and snow freezes out most real estate sales. That's why for some the real property appraisal business is effectively a part time business.

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Will the Raiders Domed Stadium Increase my Market Value?

by Administrator on May 3, 2017 Investing 28 Views

The development of a $1.9 Billion dollar professional football stadium down the street from your current business location is usually a good thing. There are always those who may garner a real property value increase due to the stadiums location but then realize that the traffic from the new venue may destroy their ability to do business or it may make renting their building to a tenant or tenants more difficult. You can have a huge real property market value uptick and still lose your tenants or lose the utility of your building for its current use at the same time. Appraisers are always asked "how much of a property value Increase can I expect?" It's not something that can easily be answered because, as you know, each property is different and each will benefit more or less from the stadium development.

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Comparing Commercial Condos and Buildings

by Administrator on Apr 12, 2017 Commercial Appraisal 39 Views

As I search through data on real property sales the odd commercial condo always presents itself in the list of sales data. What always surprises me is that as an appraiser I expect to see the sales price per square foot (SF) to be lower than the attached or detached building sales but surprisingly the condo sales are at or above those of the other types. It appears from the casual observations of an appraiser, based on sales prices per SF, that commercial condominiums are not being looked upon in the Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada market as a second-class option.

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