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Identifying Easements for Appraisals

by Administrator on Mar 1, 2015 Narrative Writing 3 Views

I got a title policy the other day on a property that had a major power transmission line traversing it. I looked and looked again when I got the policy but I couldn't find an easement detailed in it that described the transmission line. This wasn't a small transmission line mind you it was big enough to improve a major highway beneath it. Two parallel major 256 kV lines on metal poles that look to be 60' high or higher crossing 330' or more of the subject property. The title company told me that I should contact the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) about the power line easement, they told me that they didn't have any record of it. It's amazing to me that a title insurance company that is supposed to identify the recorded documents that affect a property and guarantee that they have identified all of the factors affecting title could issue a preliminary title report that has absolutely no information on a major transmission line.

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Appraiser Background Checks

by Administrator on Feb 19, 2015 Appraisal Ethics 13 Views

The problem that I have with appraiser background checks, like most kinds of background checks, is that the data collected by the government or by most private companies has been repeatedly proven to simply become part of the massive database or group of databases that have been tapped for purposes that were not intended when the database was created. If the data is out there someone is going to take advantage of it, privacy is gone.

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Appraiser Inconsistency

by Administrator on Feb 13, 2015 General Appraisal 29 Views

I always tell my clients when I know that there is going to be another appraisal done on their property that the other appraiser will likely conclude a value opinion close to mine. It makes them feel good to imagine that since we are both looking at the same market and the same comparable sales that they will come to a very similar conclusion. As appraisers know however there is no guarantee that the other appraiser will conclude a value within 5% of your value, in fact the other appraiser may conclude a value opinion that is 10% or more different and that is the kind of difference that can kill a real estate deal. Most appraisers are using the same databases, they view the building in the same way and they take similar photographs of the improvements so how can such a big difference in value be concluded by two appraisers?

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Appraisal Turnaround Time

by Administrator on Feb 12, 2015 Business Operation 18 Views

Requests for appraisal services generally fall into three categories with regard to turnaround time, average (typical turnaround with no imminent need or pressure), fast, quick or expedited services (as fast or a bit faster than that of competitors) and rush, (or as fast as reasonably possible). I am always surprised that some consumers of commercial appraisal services have absolutely no idea about how long it takes to complete a commercial appraisal report. They call me with an assignment that would normally take 3 to 4 weeks for most appraisers to complete and they tell me that if I want the assignment I would have 5 days to complete it.

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Advertising Appraisal Services

by Administrator on Feb 10, 2015 Business Operation 17 Views

I check some of the top Internet search engines once in a while by doing keyword searches just to see if my information comes up. I'm sure that you do the same in your area, most real estate appraisers want to know what people are finding when they do keyword searches. I like to know if my firm is coming up at least in the first few pages of important keyword results. So what comes up when you search for your firm?

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