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Demand and Price Changes Due to the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

by Administrator on Feb 16, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 36 Views

Demand in the industrial real estate market is changing in the area surrounding the Las Vegas Raider’s stadium. It’s happening. Industrial buildings located there have been in demand for many years. Most owners have constructed or purchased typical industrial buildings for uses like; warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. The buildings located in the neighborhood have a great centralized location that has allowed owners to provide services to business on the Las Vegas Strip or to all of Las Vegas. It wasn’t that long ago that real property values in the area surrounding the stadium conformed to a common industrial demand. Industrial uses were dominant. The market is however changing. As the Stadium structure reaches skyward it has occurred to some that the market for improved industrial buildings is changing as demand for Stadium access, Stadium parking and peripheral uses like retail and hospitality will extend out and away from the stadium.

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Las Vegas Strip Values – Are they Stratified?

by Administrator on Feb 10, 2019 Las Vegas Strip 59 Views

Do real property values continue to increase as you move from the ends or the periphery of the Las Vegas Strip toward its middle? Of course they do, but there are no linear adjustments that an appraiser can apply, and the adjustments made in an appraisal report are subjective. At time there are sales near the center of the Strip, establishing a high value limit and sales at the ends happen periodically establishing a low end. There are many factors affecting value. Most important to many buyers is gaming. You need to be able to obtain a gaming license at a specific location if that is your ultimate goal. While real property must be approved for gaming, there are approved gaming overlay Districts, it is the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board that controls who is approved for a gaming license. So if the land can be used for gaming, securing a gaming license generally does not affect real property value.

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WEPAY and Appraiser Credit Card Processing

by Administrator on Feb 1, 2019 Business Operation 21 Views

I don’t know about your experiences as an appraiser with credit card processing but I have struggled to offer my clients a way to may payments via credit cards. First I tried and that worked for a while, until they decided it was time to charge me large fees when I wasn’t using their services. Apparently you need to keep feeding the beast or it will bite you. They tortured me for years trying to get my business back but who wants to do business with someone who charges them for not making enough money? So I switched to and paid them a sign-up fee. Who charges a sign-up fee when they are making money on every transaction? I went through a painful experience with SQUARE during their start-up period when all of my customers didn’t recognize the card charges on their statements because instead of using my business name they were processing payments using some other name that Square decided on. After about six charge-backs and 90 days of pain I stopped using

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Pahrump, Zoning & Appraisals

by Administrator on Jan 15, 2019 General Appraisal 74 Views

It is my opinion that there are some Pahrump real property owners who wish the 2004 implementation of the zoning ordinance didn’t happen. Some property owners in Pahrump wanted to see the town move into the future with rules and regulations, like those in place in larger cities, while others liked the Wild West, and the unregulated nature of the Town before 2004. So Pahrump ended up with zoning with lots of exceptions in outlying areas for existing commercial, industrial and mixed uses. Many other properties that were not zoned for their existing uses in the ordinance but they were allowed to continue in their non-conforming uses. There are many residents in Pahrump who are just starting to realize that after almost 15 years they can’t continue to run their businesses out of the same buildings that were old in 2004, and the buildings are really old in 2019. It’s dawning on those owners that their residential zoning may actually negatively impact their property value. Even if

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Appraiser Business Expense Ratios

by Administrator on Dec 17, 2018 Business Operation 36 Views

The following list of appraiser business expense ratios, see the table, was compiled based on a number of independently researched data sources. No guarantees are however made by the author regarding accuracy or acceptability. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may allow or may not allow any of the items listed herein as deductions. The listed items are general categories into which many actual appraiser expenses fall. Of course there is also a great deal of variability in some categories like; the vehicle / travel miles category since appraisers in the city generally don’t put in the miles that the rural appraisers do, the contract labor category can vary significantly because some appraisal offices pay a number of appraisers, the legal and professional service category and the rent category since some appraisers work out of their homes.

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