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How Fast Can a Real Estate Market Change?

by Administrator on Nov 30, 2016 Market Conditions Articles 8 Views

If you have seen market cycle graphs with big swings in market values over time you have some idea of just how much change can happen in a real property market over time. Most graphs on market cycles display a sine wave that make it look like the up and down cycles are evenly spaced, so there is some uniformity to prices. The fact is that things like recession of 2008 has, in many areas and in many sub markets, kept prices down for an extended time. The residential real estate market in Las Vegas for example, saw prices for a 2,500 SF home increase from about $ 215,000 to about $ 515,000 between 1998 and 2007. That was a upward spike that was felt by everyone in the residential real estate market, multiple offers were received on almost every property listed and of course the upward movement was not sustainable.

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Real Estate Market Changes - How Important are They?

by Administrator on Nov 27, 2016 Market Conditions Articles 10 Views

Appraisers and real estate agents spend a significant portion of their lives watching changes in the national and local real estate markets. There can be a relatively large disparity between sub markets like the retail market segment and the industrial market segment in the same city or county. Market changes within each of the segments are usually tracked every few months, or per quarter, and published by a number of competing brokerage firms. Appraisers and brokers pay close attention to statistics / changes in market activity including but not limited to; employment, sales volume (total SF sold and number of sales), sales price per square foot (SF), new construction, the average rental rate per SF per month, the average direct capitalization rate and the average vacancy rate.

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Would Moving Be Profitable?

by Administrator on Nov 25, 2016 General Appraisal 15 Views

Appraisers are often asked this question with regard to the real estate owned by a business or a property owner. Of course, the answer for appraisers to this question is that profitability can have to do with many factors other than the simple difference that a real property move could make. If you make a move and it destroys a critical element of your business, then it wasn’t a successful move. Owners become compelled to answer the question about the profitability of moving when there is a party or multiple parties beating on their door with eye opening unsolicited offers.

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Real Property Appraisal Franchises

by Administrator on Oct 7, 2016 Business Operation 50 Views

If you search on Google or Bing using "real property appraisal franchise" or real estate appraisal franchise" you will be hard pressed to identify a single appraisal service franchise. Sure there are a few around but none of the are really prominent. If you are not affiliated with one, and have not been affiliated with one in your past, can you name two? How about one? Again it has more to do with your knowledge of the real estate appraisal industry than it does appraisal franchise popularity. Appraisal franchises are known to many appraisers but they are virtually unknown to most of the general public. Do we need a poll to prove it? I have conducted informal ones and potential residential and commercial client draw a blank when asked. So the question is, are they worth being affiliated with? Are there some who it matters to? If there wasn't no franchise company would remain in business.

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Appraising Auto Service Properties

by Administrator on Oct 4, 2016 Special-Purpose Appraisal 43 Views

Many real properties like retail and office buildings have a relatively uniform build-out. Some buildings are older than others and some have a higher quality of construction or finish, but most (at least in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada) could have been built by the same construction company. They have wood frame or concrete walls, some have an office area and overhead garage doors are usually on one or both sides. Depending on their original intended use some have below ground access pits, built in lifts, above ground lifts, overhead cranes, compressed air lines or other specialized equipment. Some were constructed to work only on cars while others were built for trucks. Most auto service building are relatively narrow, but some are accessible from both sides and have double bays.

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