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Las Vegas Strip Appraisals

by Administrator on Aug 26, 2014 Commercial Appraisal 38 Views

The Las Vegas Strip is its own market area and that market area is entirely different from other areas within the city. When you have 45 million or more visitors coming to a 5-mile strip of amusements and resort hotels there are supply and demand distortions. North Strip versus South Strip, assemblage versus resort hotel sites, Las Vegas versus Clark County, gaming versus non-gaming and a number of other economic and physical factors can make a difference.

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Cell Tower Appraisals - Advanced Issues

by Administrator on Aug 18, 2014 Special-Purpose Appraisal 40 Views

If you have taken some cell tower appraisal work you have probably had to deal with a number of issues that are above and beyond simple site leases. Here are a few "advanced issues" that you may have to address in your appraisal report.

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Problems with Banks

by Administrator on Aug 18, 2014 Business Operation 41 Views

For those of you who depend on banks assignments, yes I have been there, I don’t envy you your special vendor status. You are fine as long as the same appraisal service representative, loan office or bank VP favors you. If they leave your special bank or banks, which they do, you may end up off of their favored appraiser list. The biased selection process never went away, its my opinion that all banks should have to select from an approved panel and not play the age old biased selection game.

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Land Appraisals - Does Shape Matter?

by Administrator on Jun 16, 2014 Vacant Land Appraisal 123 Views

Shape is one physical characteristic of many that is used to describe a parcel of real property. All physical characteristics of a site are more or less important as they relate to the current use or potential use of a site. An irregular shaped or triangle shaped property will likely be more difficult to develop since fewer options for development will exist.

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Appraising Shipping Containers

by Administrator on May 5, 2014 Personal Property 250 Views

For real property appraisers shipping containers that have been modified for a residential or commercial use are a lot like appraising trailers or mobile homes, they are usually classified as personal property with metal shell exteriors and after modification for some residential or commercial use they generally remain personal property. If you do your research you will find that shipping container are commonly 8’ feet wide, and many are 20' to 40' feet long, so many who use them for single-family homes, guard houses, small offices or business pop-ups modify one or more standard containers. If you search you can find a number of modified shipping containers offered for sale on the Internet. It appeared to me that China was very active and competitive in the upgraded shipping container market.

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