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Home Improvements You Want That Don't Always Add to the Sales Price of a Home

by Administrator on Jul 21, 2017 Buying 28 Views

There may be no free lunch but you can often get important features or significant improvements in a home without having to pay a premium for them. Consider some of these: 1. Pre-wired outlets - you don't realize just how important pre-wired TV, security and Internet are until you go to hook them up in you exercise room or your child's bedroom. Then you recognize just how difficult and expensive it will be to make the services available. Yes you can often solve many of the problems via wireless signals but not always. When you need that sports channel from you cable provider in the den you may wish you had that pre-wired feature available in your home.

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Where Did Those Comp Photos Come From?

by Administrator on Jul 12, 2017 Business Operation 23 Views

Appraisers acquire their comparable sales phones in different ways. I generally take my comp photos when I go out to inspect / observe a new subject property. That means I have to research and identify possible comps before I have even seen a subject property, so there are some photos that can end up being unusable. Better to identify and photograph more than you need right?

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Is it a “Property Inspection” or a “Property Observation?”

by Administrator on Jul 12, 2017 Inspection 13 Views

What many clients don’t understand is that an appraisal inspection is a cursory observation of a property and not a detailed examination of it. In Nevada the state licenses building inspectors who provide a detailed examination / report on the structure and equipment and sometimes they even perform tests for things like lead-based paint or in the past for Ozone. Appraisers have been starting to use the work “observation” instead of “inspection” to clarify what they are actually doing. Appraisers identify things like construction type, condition, finishes (like ceilings, flooring, lights, HAVC, electrical / plumbing systems), offsite improvements, onsite improvements, and build-out detail.

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Appraisal Trainees – Creating Your Own Competition

by Administrator on Jul 12, 2017 Appraiser Education 22 Views

Most appraisers understand that trainees are great, they can fill in forms (or they can after being trained), they can inspect / observe a home (with training and supervision) and they can answer phones and print reports. They can be useful especially to a larger office that has a lot of appraisal related business activities. For smaller appraisal offices trainees are often in the way. There’s often little or no office space for them. The office slows down when appraisers take time to deal with the training of new people. It can be quite painful for a small firm to take on a new person.

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Why Don't You Know? You Are The Appraisal Expert!

by Administrator on Jul 11, 2017 Appraisal Ethics 15 Views

I often get calls from past or potential clients asking me about a specific property type or a specific area of town, they want to get some idea about the value of a property that I know absolutely nothing about. I have found that the more that you know and tell them (in general terms) the less likely you are to get an appraisal assignment. If they ask you about industrial properties in the Southwest and you tell them about the market, the property value range, the median value, the typical rental rate, etc. you will have put some of their issues to rest. I have heard "I will think about ordering that appraisal and get back to you."

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