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Real Property Appraisal Franchises

by Administrator on Oct 7, 2016 Business Operation 22 Views

If you search on Google or Bing using "real property appraisal franchise" or real estate appraisal franchise" you will be hard pressed to identify a single appraisal service franchise. Sure there are a few around but none of the are really prominent. If you are not affiliated with one, and have not been affiliated with one in your past, can you name two? How about one? Again it has more to do with your knowledge of the real estate appraisal industry than it does appraisal franchise popularity. Appraisal franchises are known to many appraisers but they are virtually unknown to most of the general public. Do we need a poll to prove it? I have conducted informal ones and potential residential and commercial client draw a blank when asked. So the question is, are they worth being affiliated with? Are there some who it matters to? If there wasn't no franchise company would remain in business.

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Appraising Auto Service Properties

by Administrator on Oct 4, 2016 Special-Purpose Appraisal 26 Views

Many real properties like retail and office buildings have a relatively uniform build-out. Some buildings are older than others and some have a higher quality of construction or finish, but most (at least in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada) could have been built by the same construction company. They have wood frame or concrete walls, some have an office area and overhead garage doors are usually on one or both sides. Depending on their original intended use some have below ground access pits, built in lifts, above ground lifts, overhead cranes, compressed air lines or other specialized equipment. Some were constructed to work only on cars while others were built for trucks. Most auto service building are relatively narrow, but some are accessible from both sides and have double bays.

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Office / Medical Office Building Value Consistency

by Administrator on Oct 2, 2016 Healthcare Facility 31 Views

Appraisers discover that, even if they are not in a market like Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada where most of the buildings are relatively new, there is a great deal of consistency in values for office and medical office / healthcare buildings with similar uses. It’s counter intuitive to think that small single-tenant or multi-tenant buildings have similar values per square foot as larger-scale buildings, but it’s often true. As an appraiser looking at the value of smaller buildings, like 5,000 square feet (SF), and then looking at buildings over 100,000 SF I expect to find large differences but it’s often not the case.

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Pre-Screened Real Estate Appraisers

by Administrator on Aug 18, 2016 Commercial Appraisal 59 Views

At times I find some interesting Internet websites “results” when I use a search engine on the worldwide web. Like websites that display commercial real estate appraisers offering residential and commercial appraisal services who no longer practice, are no longer licensed and who left the business almost 10 years ago. It’s amazing but websites come up not after several pages but near the top of the search engine results. It just goes to show you how much attention is really paid to search results. It must happen because their sites, which have not been taken down, just continue to exist in the ozone of the web even though the content is meaningless.

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More Education or More Experience for Appraisers?

by Administrator on Aug 11, 2016 Appraisal Industry 87 Views

It appears that some appraisers have now decided in their wisdom that the combination of education and experience that were used successfully over the past years to form an entry barrier to those seeking an appraisal credential should now be changed. In an effort to wrench control from state governments who don't correctly "evaluate the quality of appraisal experience" it is now being suggested that more education should be required for commercial licensing but less for residential licensing. Of course, that makes perfect sense doesn't it?

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