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Multi-Family Appraisal Reports

by Administrator on Nov 25, 2015 Multi-Family / Apartment 2 Views

Small multi-family appraisals, on duplexes, 3-unit and 4-unit properties are usually completed on forms with standard Fannie Mae (1025), Freddie Mac (72) and HUD-92264 forms being the most widely accepted. Forms are widely accepted because they direct appraisers to collect and analyze information that a lender needs to make a loan. While forms exist for larger multi-family properties appraisers often favor a narrative format. Large-scale HUD projects and other government agencies however have specific forms and require stringent adherence to rules for completing them. Appraisers who have gone down this road know just how demanding the forms are and how difficult it is to collected to populate them.

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Imperfect Market Information

by Administrator on Nov 24, 2015 Market Conditions Articles 4 Views

Appraiser's research the general or overall market, like the entire city, and then they research a submarket area which has often been delineated by brokers due to there being a similar development pattern in an area. While there are usually similar physical and economic characteristics in a submarket property values within it can vary considerably. If it's an area dominated by medical offices, due to its close proximity to a hospital, it is likely that the offices can vary in value significantly due to construction, in finish quality and in age. So appraisers can for example find offices that have sold between say $ 125 per square foot (PSF) and $ 350 PSF.

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Appraisal Services Bargains and Discounted Fees

by Administrator on Nov 22, 2015 Business Operation 2 Views

The appraisal world is a competitive one, it's relatively small in most areas and if there are 100 appraisers in a metro area or 3 in a small town and everyone has been working then demand is considered to have been good. Problems begin when market demand shrinks, like it usually does before Christmas, or when one or a group of appraisers begin bidding low in order to expand their market share. When typical demand is interrupted by seasonal swings or by low bidding appraisers or appraisal groups the market becomes disrupted. It becomes a "how low must I bid to secure employment?" question for some. These downward fee pressures can effectively put some appraise out of business, but for consumers of appraisal services strong competition can be an opportunity to get a property appraised for far less than the typical going rate.

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How to Handle Strange Assignments

by Administrator on Nov 21, 2015 Property Appraisal 7 Views

It doesn't happen often but if you have been an appraiser for a while you know that you eventually get some strange requests. There are always the phone calls about valuing British watercolor paintings or sword-cane walking sticks that are made by those who haven't read your ads closely on your website that clearly say "real estate appraisals" or they saw a yellow page ad and assumed that appraisers appraise everything, personal and real property. Most do not. Then there are the calls from people who want their barber shop, motel or their restaurant appraised, and they don't understand the difference between a business appraisal that includes a business entity and a real property appraisal. Business appraisals have two segments, the real property and the remaining interests that are valued as the business entity, together they are called the "going concern" and while many appraisers are capable of completing an appraisal on a going concern some have never worked on those property

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Home Owner's Associations Good or Bad?

by Administrator on Nov 20, 2015 Buying 0 Views

I have lived in a guard-gated community with a Home Owner's Association (HOA) for about 16 years, so I'm not just writing this article strictly from an appraiser / appraisal / broker perspective but also from an owner's perspective so my opinions are colored by my own HOA and the HOA's that I have dealt with over time. My experiences has been entirely with Nevada HOA's and not HOA's in other states. I am sure that other people have had different experiences with HOA's than I have, so you are only going to get one perspective here, but I'm sure that there is a great many opinions posted online. Personally I think that there are positive and negative aspects associated with being in an HOA. The obvious benefits include; the enhancement of privacy gain by being in a gated or guard gated community. You can have community upkeep of common area pools, common area parks and you can benefit from the enforcement of a number of community rules as laid out by the CC&R document.

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Using Third-Party Software

Nov 13, 2015 • 14 Views

Engagement Letters for Litigation

Aug 9, 2015 • 58 Views

Clients Surprised by Your Value Opinion

Feb 8, 2015 • 97 Views


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