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COVID-19 Impact on Las Vegas Real Estate Markets

by Administrator on May 5, 2020 Market Conditions Articles 24 Views

I recently got a call from some owners asking me about how much value their upgraded flooring and 2nd floor view added to their home, they could not understand why agents were indicating a much lower value for their home. The agents kept pointing to their lack of a swimming pool but they never took a second look at the $ 25,000 in upgraded flooring. In my opinion amenities like a 2nd floor view or stone flooring are things that you can get buyers to pay for in an upward moving market. They know they will pay a certain price for a model-matched home down the street but they will pay extra to get special extras if your home has them. In a normal real estate market amenities can make a big difference and appraisers pay attention to the cost of those amenities.

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Grow Facility Values 2

by Administrator on Nov 1, 2019 Special-Purpose Appraisal 57 Views

Industrial building sales in Las Vegas appear to be strong in 2019 and appraisers tend to follow the market activity closer than most, but you might ask, what is happening to the value of grow facilities? It’s almost a trick question for an appraiser because cannabis facilities are valued like any other industrial building if you are seeking a market value, but some owners want to know how much their Specialty improvements like; light banks, trays, air filtration, filtered water systems, upgraded HVAC, labs and many other improvements add to value.

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Is It Time for the Apex Industrial Park?

by Administrator on Oct 30, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 172 Views

If you have been looking at industrial land in Apex you have been staring at a lot of $ 80,000 an acre asking prices and a few with highway frontage that have asking prices around $ 100,000 an acre. That’s cheap industrial dirt if you compare it to say North Las Vegas (NLV) or Las Vegas where industrial land is being sold at or above $ 320,000 an acre. Yes , that puts most Apex Industrial Park area land prices at around 25% of metropolitan industrial land. So what is that all about? Most industrial users don’t need high traffic or visibility, all they need is accessibility. The problem in the past has been the lack of water in Apex. If you have driven up to Apex recently you have seen the trenches for the new NLV water lines and the pipes are in place ready to go in them. Apex is about to solve one of its most important drawbacks.

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Too Much Entertainment? I Don't Think So.

by Administrator on Oct 14, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 231 Views

With the announcement of the Madison Square Garden (MSG) Sphere you would think that the end of the world was coming to Las Vegas. Too much entertainment competition they say with the tens of thousands of seats being built. If you add 18,000 MSG Sphere seats to the 42,000 NFL Raider's seats to the NHL T-Mobile seats and possibly tens of thousands of planned Jackie Robinson NBA seats you have a lot of seats to fill. Personally the only problem I see with Las Vegas trying to fill all those seats is greed.

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BLM Land Auction Results

by Administrator on Sep 29, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 231 Views

I recently read a Las Vegas Sun Letter to the Editor entitle “BLM land sale is bad for Nevada” published on July 27, 2019. The letter by Emily Woods of Las Vegas noted that pristine lands “from the cliffs of Red Rock Canyon to the shores of Lake Tahoe – is shared by millions of visitors each year. Each day, I am struck by the beauty of nearby canyons, mountains and pristine desert, which harbor spectacular wildlife and limitless recreation.” She goes on to state that oil and gas drilling goals may destroy a wildlife corridor and fishing. I agree, this should be curtailed, but the BLM is doing more harm than that.

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