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International Clients and Client Protection

by Administrator on Feb 16, 2017 Business Operation 7 Views

International clients are becoming more common for real property appraisers as money from other countries finds its way into the United States. Global investment sales are becoming significant in some markets and they are actually dominating others. So how do appraisers find their way to securing assignment from international clients? Sometimes it's simply the oldest method around, the word-of-mouth method. If you are known in your community or your advertising and promotions reach the right people you may find that you are talking to a representative of a global buyer or a seller. As all appraisers know there are more reasons to appraise real estate than for sales. There are times when companies just want to know what the value of a property or properties are for rental, taxes or for many other reasons. If you get an assignment from a company with many real property holding you can potentially increase your business.

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Retrospective Appraisal Report Challenges

by Administrator on Feb 12, 2017 Litigation / Expert 18 Views

Appraisers are often offered real estate appraisal assignments related to probate, estate tax planning / reporting, civil litigation and condemnation that require a look back into the past. At times the look back can be many years. Often the appraisal is however only required to look back a year or two and for those assignments most of the data is still available. A 2-year look back in time still requires a search that is more difficult than that required for a current market value report, but assessor sites, real estate sites and your recent appraisal work usually offer support.

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Explaining Adjustments to Homeowners

by Administrator on Jan 5, 2017 Homes 80 Views

Appraisers understand how they go about making adjustments to comparable sales for important differences that they have with a subject property. They know that when you are adjusting a comparable you pay attention to things like; quality of construction, condition, date of sale, financing, concessions, site size, site amenities, gross living area, bedrooms, baths, basement, garages, porches, patios, pool, flooring and remodeling. These are some of the obvious factors that may be adjusted for but there are other things like; casitas, gated access, views, community benefits, golf course use, homeowner association fees and SID / LID balances. Appraisal forms generally offer a standard set of adjustment factors but the list is a limited and at times it must be expanded on just to include all of the important differences. Homeowners ask me why the Koi Pond or the BBQ wasn't adjusted for. When you are analyzing a million-dollar home how much weight do you think a buyer gives to a

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Pedestrian Traffic is the Life's Blood of the Las Vegas Strip

by Administrator on Dec 9, 2016 Business Appraisal 109 Views

Appraisers often consider traffic count as part of their analysis their is a correlation between the demand for a retail property and its average daily traffic count. A property that has 30,000 vehicles per day passing it is simply not as sought after as one that has 100,000 vehicles per day. Properties like C-stores know just how important vehicle traffic counts are to their bottom line. In the same way, pedestrian counts are important to Las Vegas Strip properties. The Strip at certain points has literally millions of pedestrians passing over it during a 24-hour period. Even not so popular segments of the Strip can see 6,000 pedestrians an hour. Having or not having a strong pedestrian volume can make the difference in wild success or total and complete failure to a business.

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How Fast Can a Real Estate Market Change?

by Administrator on Nov 30, 2016 Market Conditions Articles 149 Views

If you have seen market cycle graphs with big swings in market values over time you have some idea of just how much change can happen in a real property market over time. Most graphs on market cycles display a sine wave that make it look like the up and down cycles are evenly spaced, so there is some uniformity to prices. The fact is that things like recession of 2008 has, in many areas and in many sub markets, kept prices down for an extended time. The residential real estate market in Las Vegas for example, saw prices for a 2,500 SF home increase from about $ 215,000 to about $ 515,000 between 1998 and 2007. That was a upward spike that was felt by everyone in the residential real estate market, multiple offers were received on almost every property listed and of course the upward movement was not sustainable.

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