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When Do Maintenance Issues Become Appraisal Issues?

by Bill Rigdon on Aug 20, 2015 Inspection 6 Views

It is my opinion that maintenance issues become appraisal issues when I observe them on an appraisal inspection. As an owner you may not have had anyone pay any attention to your cracked flooring, dead landscaping plants, backyard hoarding, cracked foundation or your leaky roof with water spotted ceilings before but it's going to come to my attention. I am looking at property issues from the eyes of a lender or from the perspective of a potential buyer, and if the issues are going to have a negative impact on market value or lender security I will pay attention to them.

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Securing Large-Scale Appraisal Assignments

by Administrator on Aug 19, 2015 Business Operation 8 Views

Most appraisers can take on a 1 parcel, 10 building appraisal without any assistance and even continue working on other assignments simultaneously. It's a lot of measurements, a lot of photographs, a lot of sketches but one appraiser can get it done relatively quickly without assistance. I have even taken on 30 parcel assignments that had parcels scattered through different parts of the state, again it can be done by a single appraiser, but it will test your stamina.

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Cloud-Based Appraisal Computing

by Administrator on Aug 19, 2015 Technology 12 Views

The panacea that cloud-bases computing is supposed to be just doesn't exist in reality. Yes it's great for the big software providers like Microsoft and large-scale data accumulators to offer their shared services on a per person monthly fee basis to the masses. There is much less that has to be done to update a common community of users, and you don't have to worry about piracy, program conflicts or individuals working on old legacy operating systems, but if you lived through the old days of mainframe computer dominance you understand that there are many downsides to this computing structure. Most important is the loss of independent control over your own work environment. Today Microsoft Outlook went down on my wife's cloud-based machine, she works for a large company with thousands of employees who work on computers, and no one got anything done for over 3 hours. That's the old mainframe and the new cloud-based computing commonality, literally thousands of working people

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Is Traffic Count Important to Appraisers?

by Bill Rigdon on Aug 18, 2015 Narrative Writing 13 Views

Traffic count is one of the most important factors to consider when valuing some property types like; fast food facilities, pharmacy buildings and convenience stores with or without gas. For other property types like office buildings, industrial buildings and healthcare facilities traffic count is not as important, but automobile and pedestrian traffic count are the lifeblood the most popular and branded retail businesses. Many corporate real property departments can predict with a relatively high degree of certainty what sales volume will be for a product based on traffic count. Of course the product and the brand of the product are just as compelling but if you have the number one top selling burgers or the top grossing c-store chain you will ultimately fail at a location if you have insufficient traffic.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Appraisal Reports

by Bill Rigdon on Aug 16, 2015 Business Operation 13 Views

I hope that one or more of these suggestions help you improve your reports, I could go on and on but I have my own work to do, so consider these and let me know if you have suggestions for “25 Ways to Improve Your Reports”: 1. Finish your reports and put them aside for a few hours, then read them over again with a critical eye and try not to skip over portions that are supposed to be “boiler plate.” It’s amazing how many times I think I have a flawless report and find typos and hanger from previous reports because I often use old reports as templates.

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