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Considering Important Property Features

by Administrator on Sep 23, 2018 Residential Appraisal 11 Views

There are times when a standard analysis of real property characteristics is insufficient in an appraisal. As an example, most land appraisals consider things like topography and soils, but they done get into the slopes / grades of the comparable sales. When you get an appraisal assignment on a subject property with steep slopes it become important to know if the comparable sales are similar. If, for example, the subject has a 30% grade you don’t want to compare it to land that is flat. Some properties with steep slopes have terraced areas, so you can cut and fill a road to get to the terraced areas and develop them. Appraisers are often tasked with making decisions about net usable area. A subject property may be 10 Acres in gross but after you consider the slopes, low lands (including washes and streams) and shape the net usable area may be only 1 Acre. Other factors like soils, zoning, planning, and offsite infrastructure including roadways are also important factors and considered

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Highest and Best Use Step-By-Step - Land Value

by Administrator on Sep 15, 2018 Highest and Best Use 20 Views

Many people make assumptions about vacant land parcels based on what they have been told on based on a brief observation. Properties that look valuable may however have little or no potential use, and thus little or no monetary value, while properties that appear worthless can be extremely valuable. For appraisers it all begins with a highest and best use analysis. Depending on the use a highest and best use analysis can be based on observed evidence and the land use patterns, but the process can be more intensive when necessary and include a complete market analysis and feasibility study. Most appraisals do not require the most intensive highest and best use development process.

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Are their REO & Short Sale Appraisals in your Future?

by Administrator on Aug 10, 2018 Market Conditions Articles 65 Views

Just when you thought you had escaped the nightmare, they pull you back in! If the housing market in California is an indication of the future of the housing market then you had better start digging out your old reports on distressed sales. Many are predicting a downturn in the real estate market cycle that could cause a lot of pain. When you think about California, New York, New Jersey and other states where demand has been hit by the interest deductibility limits it seems only reasonable that fewer buyers want to jump into those markets. You have to have a great deal of money, and want to give it away, to purchase a home in a state that has outrageously high taxes that are no longer fully deductible. For those who have been avoiding those taxes for a long time things are changing.

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What Criteria do you Use to Select an Appraiser?

by Administrator on Aug 2, 2018 Business Operation 29 Views

One of the first things you have to realize when you are shopping for a real estate appraiser is that even in a relative larger city the appraiser “pond” isn’t really that large. If two appraisers don’t know one another there is a very good chance that they have met in an educational class, in court, at a tax or planning commission hearing, at a City or County bid offering or at an appraisal organization meeting. If they haven’t met face-to-face appraisers have often received copies of their competitor’s work from clients, attorneys and brokers who use reports as a marketing tool. Brokers use real property appraisals as a way to prove that the asking price of a listed property is correct.

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Downtown Las Vegas Apartment Building and Condo Appraisals

by Administrator on Jul 26, 2018 Condominiums 16 Views

Downtown Las Vegas has been adding a significant number of apartment units and condo units over the last few years and this year (2018) it’s adding several hundred new units due to the construction of properties like; 901 N. Fremont Street, 353 E. Bonneville Avenue, 1501 S. 3rd Street and others. While the jury is still out, early reports indicate that the apartment / condo units that have been on the market are finding a strong market and units are being absorbed even though the new properties have relatively high asking prices and rental rates. Hi-Rise condos, many of which are just off the Las Vegas Strip, still create a market on their own that is strongly influenced by national and international visitors to Las Vegas while Downtown demand has more to do with locals. That’s why hi-rise condo prices on and near the Las Vegas Strip generally fall between $ 220 per SF of gross living area (GLA) and $ 700 per SF GLA, some with significant monthly fees.

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Nov 14, 2011 • 949 Views

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Jul 3, 2017 • 278 Views

Using Appraisal Keywords Online

Jan 1, 2018 • 63 Views


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