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General Property

How Real Estate Negotiation Works

by Guest on May 25, 2012 General Property 1868 Views

Real estate negotiations can work in a multitude of ways, there are a lot of great ways to successfully close the deal and sadly, there are still a lot of bad ways to go to a bad deal and that is something that all of us aim to avoid as much as possible There are a lot of books and e-books littering around the Internet where people can use and read and even learn how to close deals and how to successful negotiate real estate deals

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Famous Real Estate Tycoons

by Guest on May 25, 2012 General Property 1966 Views

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world While other business sectors tend to buckle and reel from various economic recession and turmoil, real estate has remained strong and manages to deal with the damage that downtime has been giving most of the world

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How Real Estate Escrow Accounts Work

by Guest on Jul 6, 2012 General Property 1940 Views

In the world of real estate, the inability of a borrower to properly insure their home is not only negligent, but potentially a financial disaster for the lender This also holds true in the case of missed tax payments on the property, as either one of these situations can lead to the lender's collateral being forfeit or lost

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Real Estate Leverage and How it Works

by Guest on Jul 7, 2012 General Property 1859 Views

I would like to explain how leverage can be the essential ingredient to creating wealth. We all understand there are many types of property to consider when buying real estate as an investment. Each property is unique and can be bought with various goals in mind for ROI (return on investment) . Income producing real estate is bought with the emphasis on the cash flow it produces while land might be purchased with hopes of appreciation over time. The average person with $100,000 who buys a $100,000 property. Who pays cash and then sells it for $125,000 thinks he has made 25% on his $100,000 investment. An astute real estate investor will take that $100,000 cash and perhaps buy 10 properties at $100,000 each putting $10,000 down on each and mortgaging the other $90,000. This investor now owns $1,000,000 worth of real estate.

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Will the Real Estate Market Be Affected by the National Deficit?

by Guest on Aug 8, 2012 General Property 1784 Views

We’ve all heard about the national debt and it’s a serious issue that has the potential to affect every industry in the nation and that includes the housing and mortgage market As we all know, the housing market has been through a lot lately with a high number of foreclosure and rapidly declining home values

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Ample Real Estate Marketing is Vital For Selling Success

by Guest on Aug 14, 2012 General Property 1960 Views

Assembling a real estate marketing program is a vital element for bringing in prospective buyers It's almost impossible for buyers to locate homes for sale without some form of advertising

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Real Estate Secured by Deed of Trust is More Vulnerable to Foreclosure

by Guest on Aug 18, 2012 General Property 2617 Views

A deed of trust is used to document information pertaining to real estate loans Similar to a mortgage note, deeds record the names of property owners, borrowers, and lenders

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Ways to Cut Income Property Insurance Costs

by Guest on Aug 27, 2012 General Property 1943 Views

Investment properties can be a good source of income even in a less-than-ideal economy A great way to maximize your profit is to keep the cost of owning the property down

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Eight Ways That Real Estate Investors Can Build Credibility

by Guest on Sep 6, 2012 General Property 1965 Views

Real estate investors need to attract investors, convince distressed homeowners or lenders to sell to them, and then find new renters or buyers to buy from them For this reason, they have a lot of audiences they are marketing to and one of the best ways they can convince these audiences of their success is to build credibility with each audience

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Benefits of Using Asset Management in Your Real Estate Investment Business

by Guest on Sep 11, 2012 General Property 2120 Views

Asset management is an essential element for business owners and real estate investors These systems help keep track of business assets and investment properties

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