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Renting / Leasing

5 Ways to Work Smarter Finding Retail Tenants

by Guest on Jan 7, 2012 Renting / Leasing 821 Views

There are a lot of financial analysts that say commercial rental properties will see improvement in 2011 Unfortunately, that is still in the future and there are a lot of landlords that need help finding quality tenants immediately

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6 Steps to Renting an Apartment Without Breaking Your Wallet

by Guest on Mar 23, 2012 Renting / Leasing 694 Views

Renting an apartment isn't an easy task First and foremost renting an apartment means you're moving out of your old home, and moving out is never easy

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting an Apartment

by Guest on Mar 23, 2012 Renting / Leasing 649 Views

There will come a time when you need to rent an apartment For some people, it comes earlier, such as getting into college and you need to rent an apartment to save travel time

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Business Writers - How They Can Add Value To Your Organisation

by on Jul 19, 2013 Renting / Leasing 762 Views

In commercial life there are the 'amateur' writers, the managers for whom routine writing is just one activity (and often not their core skill).

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Does a Month-to-Month Tenancy Affect Market Value?

by Administrator on Apr 10, 2017 Renting / Leasing 358 Views

With regard to residential properties, a month-to-month tenancy usually has little impact on market value since the tenant does not control the property for long and residential properties are usually not valued by buyers and sellers based on the income that it produces. If the owner is having problems terminating the tenancy (a hold-over tenant) that is entirely different, but in most circumstances a short-term tenancy is not a problem. A month-to-month tenancy on a commercial property usually does not increase its value. The terms of a lease on a commercial building, if one exists, is thus very important and a month-to-month tenancy is not the kind of tenancy that most commercial buyers want to see. Thus, the market value of a commercial building is usually positively or negatively affected by the terms of its lease or leases. Yes, there are times when a month-to-month tenancy may be exactly what a buyer wants to see if they plan to terminate the tenancy and use the space them

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