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General Property

Estate Planning Training Covers the Complexities of Preparing a Client for the Future

by Guest on Sep 18, 2012 General Property 836 Views

For most clients, the designated goal of estate planning is to decide who receives what assets and when they receive them Although many clients may formulate their own clear idea of who should inherit their properties, a number of details should be discussed with his or her financial planner before making decisions.  Estate planning training teaches advisors how to properly plan and make the best decisions for the future of client estates. When it comes to property ownership, you cannot designate inheritance on what you do not own. Even if you have been the sole resident of a location for years, ownership rules for single people are simple. Unless the property is limited by contract or some form of shared ownership, advisors’ single clients can leave all property owned outright. The fact that some institution has a claim on the property, such as a mortgage on a house or a lien on a car, does not create shared ownership.

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The Landlord Risk Equation

by Guest on Sep 18, 2012 General Property 1012 Views

In today's economy, it is smart to invest in properties and rent them to tenants With high foreclosures and home loans becoming hard to come by; many people are turning to rental places to live.  While owning rental properties can produce good profits for you, one should protect themselves from risks that could hurt their profits.

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Foreclosed Real Estate: Do Distressed Properties Make For Smart Investments?

by Guest on Sep 21, 2012 General Property 920 Views

Foreclosed real estate can be one of the smartest investment decisions you'll ever make However, it's not quite as easy as the late-night infomercials suggest.  Before plunking down your hard earned cash you should educate yourself about the pros and cons of investing in distressed properties. The following tips can help you understand the facts and be prepared for what lies ahead.

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