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Sony's RX 100 Cameras are a Great Choice for Appraisers

by Administrator on Mar 26, 2017 Technology 1286 Views

I have written in another online article about the Nikon D3300 which is a through the lens digital camera that has worked great for me in my appraisal business.  The Nikon is a 24 Megapixel camera that is the size of a typical single lens reflex (SLR) camera so I generally move it around in a large camera bag that contains extra room for lenses, batteries, chargers, memory chips and even a small stand.

The problem with always having to carry around a large camera bag full of equipment is that it's not always convenient.  The Nikon camera takes excellent photos but if I'm running out for one or a few comparable sales photos or I'm already out and don't want to go back to my office to get the bag I rely on my Sony RX 100.  I have owned more than a few RX 100 cameras over the years and I have been happiest with the original model 1 and the model 3.

If photo quality and camera size are important criteria to you then these Sony cameras are worth the price.  You get what you pay for and these cameras command a premium from buyers even in the used market because the public has seen that every iteration of this camera is worth having.

The Sony RX 100 is a small, point-and-shoot, compact camera that fits in my hand and into my pocked, and I don't have to deal with lenses or other support equipment.  The Sony is a 20.2 Megapixel camera and the photos from it are absolutely excellent.  My iPhone 7 is also good as a last resort, it has a 12 Megapixel camera, but the Sony has a much larger lens and does a much better job.  The RX 100's built-in flash is also great, it pops up and does a decent job of lighting up the subject whether they are people or places.

The camera has amazing low-light capabilities, unless it is absolutely pitch black you can usually get a decent photo.  The pop-up flash is also decent but you have to keep the camera stable to get a good shot.  There is a built-in 2.9X optical zoom a 3" TFT LCD and of course a Zeiss lens. 

Although they are not that useful for the appraisal business, the Sony RX 100 camera does also take great videos.  There are also a number of photo effects built into the camera, but again they are great but not really for a typical business use.  What I'm looking for at times is a camera that I can take 20 to 150 quality subject photos and puts them on a an easily downloaded chip that I can easily transfer from. 

Wi-fi photo transfers to a computer from a camera are in my experience way too slow.  The concept sounds like a great technological leap, but wi-fi photo transfers from a camera or a phone-camera are just not practical in my experience.

When I look back over the years at the many photos that I have taken forbusiness and on vacations with my RX 100 cameras I am always awed by the Sony photos.  The 5472 x 3648 dpi images from the RX 100 iii, for example, will wake you up to what you are missing when you are using your camera phone.

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