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IT Trends From Website Development to Web Portal Development

by julianafontana on May 28, 2012 Technology 1467 Views

The world of website development has a wide scope and daily new comers come to show their talent in this field. It was a great time when web developers would create HTML pages by typing in code for each page that was to be part of a website development. Then HTML editors such as Dreamweaver came on the website development market and helps website developers to create code very easily. To build successful website or to become expert in website development one should all the knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Website development mainly divided into two categories. One is called static website development and another called dynamic website development. In a static website development each web page designed have their own HTML codes. In a static website development each WebPages are different from each others and it cannot be changed at any time. In a Dynamic website development web developers or any non technician person can change any single file directory that would effect in other web page file directory. When you want to update your website then static website take more time while in dynamic website development you can easily update your website just by changing index.php file, then all the subsequent pages will get same effect and updated automatically.

After Emerging needs of website development for every business there are many tools and software have been founded which are distributed free of charge under general public license. With this tools and software website development become very customize and we can easily embedded server side scripting into HTML source document. PHP can easily deploy on any web servers and run on most operating system and RDBMS. Since PHP is used as server side programming language many web content management system such as MediaWiki, Joomla, eZpublish, SilverStripe, WordPress, Drupal and Moodle are written in PHP.

Website development is not enough for large business areas. Many organizations have expanded their business in both horizontal and vertical dimension. For that organization web portal is needed to leverage all business information in united way. Web portal development is different than website development. Web portal in simple words describe as a huge bucket which brings information from various sources and put all that information in one place so all user can easily surf that information from that single place.

Web portal development has many features than website development. Web portal have facilities like e-mail subscription, newsletters, stock price information, new movie release information, weather information and all other daily social news. Web portal become very popular in late 1990s and many companies started to build their own web portal as an inter market business. At the end of 1990s many governments decided to create portal sites for their citizens to access all the information about their country very easily.

Web portal is now one of the common services provided by major website development companies. Website development with Liferay is a very popular and simplest way to build a web portal for any business needs. Liferay Portal is Java based and runs on any computing platform capable of running the Java Runtime Environment and an application server. Liferay is available bundled with a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat. Liferay support PHP and Ruby portlets to extend plugins into multiple programming languages.

Liferay come with many inbuilt core functionality for the portal system which expand Website development into multiple areas. Liferay functionality for website development includes web content, asset publishing, tags and categories, document and image management, document Library Manager, Recent Documents, Alfresco, Documentum, and other document library integration, Image Gallery, WebDAV Integration, Website Tools, Web Form Builder, Breadcrumbs, Site Navigation, Nested Portlets, Site Map, Page Ratings & Flags, User Directory, LDAP Integration, Software Catalog, Blogs and blog aggregation, Calendar, Chat, Mail, Message Boards, Polls, Wiki (supports Creole as well as MediaWiki syntax), Alerts and Announcements, Knowledge Base, Social Equity, Themes, supporting Velocity and FreeMarker markup.

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