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Appraiser Education

Appraiser Continuing Education

by Administrator on Jul 15, 2015 Appraiser Education 1476 Views

It's almost time for me to renew my appraiser's license again, so it's time for me to take 30 more course hours. Since I have been doing this since 1991 when licensing began I have taken about 15 hours X 24 years = 360 hours of continuing education that I estimated have cost me over $ 6,000. That doesn't include my initial appraisal education, my traditional education, conferences or presentations as an instructor.

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Real Estate Appraisal Issues 2016

by Administrator on Feb 9, 2016 Appraiser Education 1590 Views

Which appraisal “issues” are important has a lot to do with perspective. If you ask real estate agents, they will tell you resoundingly that the biggest appraisal problem is that their appraisal reports conclude values that are not high enough. Agents argue that appraisers don’t consider the most recent sales so appraised values come in too low and disrupt their market negotiated sales. The central theme of the agent argument is that appraisers cannot be right if they haven’t validated their deal and called it market value. What real estate agent don’t consider is the fact that if left to their own devices real property prices would increase with every sale and quickly become out of control. We have been there and done that before and those booms have always ended badly. Appraisers have been forced into the role of gatekeeper by banks who prefer that appraisers draw the line in the sand since they have failed miserably when attempting to do it in the past.

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Appraisal Trainees – Creating Your Own Competition

by Administrator on Jul 12, 2017 Appraiser Education 1054 Views

Most appraisers understand that trainees are great, they can fill in forms (or they can after being trained), they can inspect / observe a home (with training and supervision) and they can answer phones and print reports. They can be useful especially to a larger office that has a lot of appraisal related business activities. For smaller appraisal offices trainees are often in the way. There’s often little or no office space for them. The office slows down when appraisers take time to deal with the training of new people. It can be quite painful for a small firm to take on a new person.

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How Valuable is an Appraisal Education?

by Administrator on Sep 20, 2017 Appraiser Education 1164 Views

If you are getting the basic educational hours for an internship or intern license in Nevada without having found someone who is willing to take you as an intern then I would say that your money may not have been well spent. It's not because the information isn't useful, it's just that I get many phone calls from individuals searching out an appraiser who is willing to take them as an intern, and it's a relatively small group of people who are willing to take new people. When you have gone through the list of practicing appraisers as a student intern you may find that there is absolutely no one who is looking to add an intern when you make your calls. I think that individuals who take the appraiser intern course should have prior acceptance by a real estate appraisal firm before they can enroll. Many of the individuals who take the course now have no way to benefit from it.

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Getting Your Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Live or Online?

by Administrator on May 24, 2019 Appraiser Education 788 Views

If you have taken hundreds and hundreds of hours of often useless continuing education courses that have been required to sustain your appraisal or real estate license over the past several years you may have concluded, like me, that much of your precious time has been wasted. Like all education there is the lofty idea that keeping appraisers and agents in course will prepare them for procedural and process changes. The problem is that there are few if any changes that happen in the real estate field in a 2-year period. Like the real estate law field there are relatively few appraisal-related changes that occur in any 2-year period. So why is there the incessant 30 hours of continuing education required?

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