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Windows 10 Install Failure

by Administrator on Sep 28, 2015 Appraisal Software 1392 Views

I have a relatively new (early 2015) Dell laptop computer that has Windows 7 installed on it, I had Windows 7 installed because Windows 8.1 crashed so severely on an earlier desktop that I bought.  The crash cost me $ 300 because I had difficulty getting the machine back to an operational state even when I tried to do a clean install that wiped everything from my machine. 

I agreed to do the Window 10 install after I got a message offering the free upgrade on my laptop and after I had watched some of the promotional videos.  I'm not a computer "expert" but I do have a degree in computer systems, it's not my first rodeo.

My first experience with Windows 10 was an abysmal failure.  It took an entire day out of my life just to make the attempted upgrade and I nearly lost everything on my machine.  I have a generally fast download speed via a major cable provider, but it still took a long time to download the update.  I removed everything that was of value from my hard drive with the exception of MS Office and let the update program take over. 

After what seemed to be more hours of waiting for the installation after the download the Windows 10 installer advised me that it could not complete my install.  My HP software management program then advised me after I aborted the failed installation that about 15 programs that I needed to run Windows 7 again were deleted, so I spent several more hours downloading the missing programs to get back to a working Windows 7.

After replacing the deleted drivers and other missing files my Widows 7 was miraculously working again.  I could only imagine what would have happened to my small business had I accepted the invitation to install the upgrade on my desktop on which I depend. 

It’s my suggestion as a working appraiser that if you don’t have a situation like mine, where you can use an second, backed-up computer that will not be important if lost to your daily routine, I would not rush into a Windows 10 upgrade.  You may not have the latest and greatest functionality but then again your computer will likely work when you turn it on.

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