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Property Appraisal

How to Lose $ 500,000 in Las Vegas Real Estate

by Administrator on Mar 6, 2011 Property Appraisal 970 Views

A short discussion of some real property pitfalls in 2011 from a Las Vegas / Henderson commercial appraiser. It's not often that I am surprised by the results of my appraisal analyses, but there are times when I am, and I just wanted to pass along information on a recent assignment . . maybe it will save someone from financial disaster.  Recently I completed a report on a nearly new, vacant (grey shell) office building.  Without disclosing too much, I can say that it was a building with above average construction quality and it had a good location just off of a major arterial roadway.  Most real estate agents would describe it was an impressive structure that has a lot of potential. 

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Easement Appraisals

by Guest on Apr 9, 2012 Property Appraisal 1530 Views

Easement appraisals consider the market value of air rights, surface rights, conservation rights and or subsurface rights in real property.  They are completed to form opinions of the value of utility easements, roadway easements and specialty easements like air rights that span a highway or air rights that rise above a building.  While there are theories regarding how each of these rights, being part of the "bundle of rights," should be considered and valued, there are no hard and fast appraisal rules.  Each appraiser must consider the specific appraisal problem and decide for themselves.

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Modern Web Design and Development Trends

by albertjohn on Apr 26, 2012 Property Appraisal 1209 Views

Latest product or service accomplishment Business Networking Graphic designing PR board A live voice available for client/customer inquiries arrangement daily incoming mail inquiries Product packaging Event scheduling And any and all other tasks that you can think of that hinders you from running your business and keeps you running in your business. Designing the video jacket, website, figuring out how to market the video and get public relations all while trying to lose weight hard enough to do when you're not worried and food is you’re only vice.

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Land Value Appraisals and Entitlements

by Guest on May 23, 2012 Property Appraisal 2483 Views

As all appraisers know its important for us to analyze each amenity or disamenity associated with a real property during the appraisal process.  In many cases an entitlement is pointed to by the owner as one of the most important factors contributing to its value, and in some cases they are right.

When it comes to zoning owners are often correct in their assumption that if the zoning allows for a higher intensity of development it makes a property more valuable.  Its not a guarantee, a property may have more value if developed for a less intense residential use even though it has commercial zoning, but its often the case that commercial zoning is more beneficial.

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Controlled Markets

by Guest on Aug 15, 2012 Property Appraisal 1009 Views

As appraisers we often begin assignments by making assumptions.  One of the assumptions that we often make is that the property that we are appraising and the comparable sales that we select are or will be bought and sold in an open, unrestricted market that is not unduly influenced.  Accepting some Las Vegas appraisal assignments can, however, put you in a world or a market that is
controlled.  Sales in a controlled, or partially controlled, market can contradict one another.

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Commercial Review Appraisals

by Administrator on Aug 21, 2012 Property Appraisal 1049 Views

Review appraisers generally act as appraisal consultants, they develop and communicate usually in writting their opinions regarding the quality of another appraiser's work.  As most appraisers know, a reviewer looks at the data, reasoning, analyses and conclusions of the appraisal, or other work, and they form an opinion as to the credibility of the conclusion that was reached and the adequacy of the evidence that was provided.  Reviews often do not form their own opinion of value through their own independent analysis, it happens but it's not usual. 

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Why Use 10 Comparable Sales for Home Appraisals?

by Guest on Oct 17, 2012 Property Appraisal 1038 Views

As an appraiser I ask myself why would any lender ask for a specific number of comparable sales in an appraisal assignment?  Besides creating a lot of extra work for appraisers, which lenders do on a regular basis without compensating appraisers for the time lost meeting their requirements, one has to ask what is behind a lender requirement of this type? 

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Compare Condo Dues and Assessments

by Guest on Mar 17, 2013 Property Appraisal 1148 Views

Have you tried to compare condo assessments of a particular condo association with another one Due to various factors, it’s impossible to make an accurate comparison There are many reasons why it's difficult to compare condominiums: Age of the condo buildings may differ Mechanical systems may differ Type of materials used in buildings (brick, siding, stucco, wood) Decks/Balcony on unit

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Appraising Specialty Properties

by Administrator on Aug 7, 2013 Property Appraisal 1013 Views

Specialty properties (AKA special purpose properties) are a diverse group of properties that are usually designed, built and utilized for a specific purpose.  Generally it is difficult or at times impossible to convert a property of this type to an alternate use economically.  Included in the group are; bowling alleys, religious buildings (churches / chapels), fitness centers, cabarets / gentlemen's clubs / strip clubs, RV parks, hospitals, theaters, schools and museums.

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Selecting Comparable Sales

by Administrator on Dec 11, 2013 Property Appraisal 1246 Views

Appraisal clients are often concerned about whether or not a specific comparable sale will be selected for use in an appraisal report. I often hear "the sales you used are high" or "the sales you used are low" and I have even had Clients request that a sale they have information on be added or deleted from a report. If you are an appraiser I'm sure that you have had this happen to you, it's a Clients way of trying to steer the outcome of your appraisal.

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