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Time is Running Out to Buy Into US Property by Jamie McIntyre

by Guest on Dec 17, 2012 Real Estate 1263 Views

We are seeing further price growth and more competition in the US property market confirming that, in key markets, we are seeing the bottom of the US Property market with growth starting to occur.

Unfortunately many investors will wait until almost everyone is talking about buying US Property before they finally consider it and often by then the best time to buy is gone.

I don’t expect a fast recovery in the market.

However when you can buy houses that were $250,000 for $58,000 and bank close to 20% net rental returns then one doesn’t have to be an Einstein to figure even a modest recovery can see houses like this rise back to $120,000 – $150,000 within a few short years and the risk of further large price falls very low.

Regardless of what will or won’t happen in the future with price growth, savvy investors would have already figured that the additional benefits of US property investment alone make it profitable.

If you’re getting 15 to 20% net rental returns even without any capital growth prospects look good.

Plus add to the fact we have a high AU dollar which means investing overseas can generate a healthy Forex trade if the dollar does return to weighted average of around 72 cents.

Of course risks apply with every investment however when I asked my team to start 21st Century US Property initially to buy my stock of US Properties then to enable my members to replicate what I’m doing, we could access plenty of properties and less demand existed for Aussies as many were cautious about the future of the market.

Now the demand of Australian investors is sharply rising and we are finding it harder to access the best properties.

This trend will only worsen meaning for those wanting to access the US Property market and profit the most I’m suggesting time is starting to run out.

AMP chief economist Shane Oliver says “if you look at the broad numbers, investing in the US looks pretty good. The property market has slumped by 30%, rental yields are generally 8 – 9% and a dearth of construction has whittled away the oversupply of housing”

It doesn’t mean it’s all rosy investing in the US.

You need to get educated about the ins and outs and have some courage.

Importantly, use a trusted service of a company looking after your interests or invest the time flying to the states to do it yourself.

We will be holding an annual US Property Bootcamp in Las Vegas Oct 22nd to 24th this year – free for 21st Century US Property Members and new 21st Century Platinum Members. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE

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Check out a free video online and some US Properties now at

Or Give the team a call on 1800 999 270

Plus check out the brand new Property Inc magazine in Newsagents May 9th on US versus Australia Property – packed with very valuable hints and tips.

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of the 21st Century Group of companies and CEO of 21st Century Education. He is also bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, investor, sought after success coach, internationally renowned speaker and world-leading educator.

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