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Plan on Buying a House at the Beginning of the Year

by Guest on Mar 6, 2012 Real Estate 1262 Views

There are various reasons why it may indeed be a very good idea to plan on buying a house at the beginning of the year so it certainly is something that should be considered. The main reason is of course the potential to get a good bargain as there is less competition fighting for those properties on the market.

This is especially true when it comes to new builds as many building companies see their financial end of year as being in December so they are looking at getting the next year off to a good start. They normally close down over the festive period so there is a chance of pushing them for a better deal once they reopen for business.

In regards to new builds it is also a good time because it does mean that the actual building is going to have taken place during the better months before winter really sets in. This is good as being built in the winter months means they take longer to dry out and there is a chance that there may be settling issues depending on how wet the ground was when it was built.

It is also true that people who put their homes up for sale near the end of the year are more likely to see it still sitting on the market having not received much attention after the new year period. Most people put their house up for sale due to wanting to move and if they have their eye on another property you can use this to your advantage.

They are more than likely fed up with it not selling so it should give you a better chance of being able to barter with them for a better price. If they are looking for a quick sale then it does put you in a far strong position.

The number of homes on the market do not really change too much outside of the busy period in the summer so do not think you are going to be limited with your choice as this is not true. The main difference is there are not the same number of buyers so there shall be less competition for that dream home you are after so there is a better chance of you getting it.
It does also give you the chance to barter with other companies that are involved in moving to a new home as they are quieter and more likely to be fighting for your business. There is no harm in trying to get a better deal with a removal company or if any work is needing done to fight with the trades person to save yourself some money.

You can therefore see that it is a good idea to plan on buying a house at the begining of the year due to the money it can save you through getting better deals. There is no real reason why you should avoid this time as once the festive period is over the world just operates as it normally does throughout the remaining months.

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