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Articles by February, 2019

WEPAY and Appraiser Credit Card Processing

by Administrator on Feb 1, 2019 Business Operation 99 Views

I don’t know about your experiences as an appraiser with credit card processing but I have struggled to offer my clients a way to may payments via credit cards. First I tried and that worked for a while, until they decided it was time to charge me large fees when I wasn’t using their services. Apparently you need to keep feeding the beast or it will bite you. They tortured me for years trying to get my business back but who wants to do business with someone who charges them for not making enough money? So I switched to and paid them a sign-up fee. Who charges a sign-up fee when they are making money on every transaction? I went through a painful experience with SQUARE during their start-up period when all of my customers didn’t recognize the card charges on their statements because instead of using my business name they were processing payments using some other name that Square decided on. After about six charge-backs and 90 days of pain I stopped using

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Las Vegas Strip Values – Are they Stratified?

by Administrator on Feb 10, 2019 Las Vegas Strip 310 Views

Do real property values continue to increase as you move from the ends or the periphery of the Las Vegas Strip toward its middle? Of course they do, but there are no linear adjustments that an appraiser can apply, and the adjustments made in an appraisal report are subjective. At time there are sales near the center of the Strip, establishing a high value limit and sales at the ends happen periodically establishing a low end. There are many factors affecting value. Most important to many buyers is gaming. You need to be able to obtain a gaming license at a specific location if that is your ultimate goal. While real property must be approved for gaming, there are approved gaming overlay Districts, it is the Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board that controls who is approved for a gaming license. So if the land can be used for gaming, securing a gaming license generally does not affect real property value.

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Demand and Price Changes Due to the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

by Administrator on Feb 16, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 284 Views

Demand in the industrial real estate market is changing in the area surrounding the Las Vegas Raider’s stadium. It’s happening. Industrial buildings located there have been in demand for many years. Most owners have constructed or purchased typical industrial buildings for uses like; warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. The buildings located in the neighborhood have a great centralized location that has allowed owners to provide services to business on the Las Vegas Strip or to all of Las Vegas. It wasn’t that long ago that real property values in the area surrounding the stadium conformed to a common industrial demand. Industrial uses were dominant. The market is however changing. As the Stadium structure reaches skyward it has occurred to some that the market for improved industrial buildings is changing as demand for Stadium access, Stadium parking and peripheral uses like retail and hospitality will extend out and away from the stadium.

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Appraising Cannabis Grow Facilities

Apr 1, 2017 • 179 Views

Controlled Markets

Aug 15, 2012 • 1206 Views

ASA Has Lost Tourch With Its Older Members

May 1, 2017 • 499 Views