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Articles by November, 2018

Clark County Land Update 2018

by Administrator on Nov 9, 2018 Vacant Land Appraisal 42 Views

An update of sales by zoning category in Southwest Clark County, Nevada has provided the following results (as displayed in the chart that follows). With the exception of the low-density residential data all of the zoned properties in the categories noted have increased significantly in value during 2018. Surprisingly the greatest increases have occurred in the Industrial Land market with average prices indicating an increase to nearly $ 14.48 per gross square foot (SF). Eight (8) dwelling unit per acre (DUPA) land, which is the zoning / density most sought out by builders increased to nearly $ 11.66 per SF.

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Why Did You Lose that Last Appraisal Assignment?

by Administrator on Nov 29, 2018 Business Operation 47 Views

If you are contacted by someone who is not the actual principal client, someone who is not the decision-maker regarding the appraisal assignment, you are immediately put in a disadvantaged situation. You may be asked to bid, which often means spending your time trying to figure out what actually needs to be appraised. FEES You charge high fees because you think you are a better appraiser than many of your competitors and you will find that you lost many assignments. If you are that good at what you do that you don’t need to bid competitively, more power to you. Most appraisers however need to bid reasonably to survive. That means that you have to be able to estimate how much time a report will take you to complete and what your time is worth. That means your time plus a percentage to pay your overhead.

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Multi-Family Appraisal Reports

Nov 25, 2015 • 1239 Views

ERC Appraisals

Dec 1, 2015 • 370 Views