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About Us

Appraisal Articles is brought to you by a individual commercial real estate appraiser who works on his own and is located in Henderson, Nevada, so you will find that some of the content deals with issues, practices and principles that relate to Nevada properties.   

The articles written for this site were designed to be short and to keep the topic discussions simple even though some of them are complex.  The articles displayed are not meant to be drawn out dissertations with 50 step checklists on topics like "how an appraiser should inspect a property."  We have also not spent a great deal of time posting graphics and tables that have no meaning to most appraisers. 

The articles are influenced by our location or origin and by our micro business model, and we offer no apology for our views of the appraisal world.

Update 2018: This site was created and made active in November of 2008 or over 10 years ago today, and the articles for the most part, are Administrator written.  I will continue to add appraisal articles for as long as I am active and hopefully pass this site along to another person or organization that is interested in its continuity.

If you have questions about any of our articles, including the articles of our member authors, please direct them to and I will try to answer them or get them answered for you.