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Articles by June, 2019

5G will be a Boon for Cell Sites and Appraisers

by Administrator on Jun 7, 2019 Technology 214 Views

Don’t think 5G is going to be a big deal? You better start reading because it already is. One millisecond response time is faster than a human response time and “exponentially” faster than 4G. One promo I saw talked about being able to watch 400 movies simultaneously, as if that were a thing. I have read about the speed increases but what is talked about and what is delivered may be substantially different, but either way the technology will be life changing. When you think about the 3D world that is planned by Apple and others 5G has to be available to make much of it work. Amazing technological breakthroughs for the infrastructure and phones is not a future, long-term thing. Many jaw-dropping changes will hit the market in 2020 including many of the phones that you will need and be surprised by. The prediction is that everyone will throw away the phone that they have to purchase a 5G phone. That’s a lot of phone sales!

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Commercial Appraisal Data Sharing

by Administrator on Jun 12, 2019 Narrative Writing 195 Views

Some real property data that you personally collect, can be shared with your clients, appraiser contacts and others without concern about copyright infringements. If for example you collect sales information from public records and / or parties to a transaction and build your own sales database, like I do, you may have years of sales information that can be sorted and broken down by property type (like Apartments, Offices, Retail, Industrial and Vacant Land) or if land by its zoning category. So if an appraiser or broker contacts you and asks about apartments you can access your database, I use Microsoft Access, and share some or all of your data with them. Yes, it’s easier to just subscribe to a data service and let the service collect and verify the data, but appraisers are supposed to verify their own sales data and not rely on a paid service to do it for them. It’s my opinion that a broker or and appraiser can lose touch with the market by relying only on a data service.

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Real Property Forecasts and Predictions

by Administrator on Jun 12, 2019 Real Estate 182 Views

This article is based on my reading and interpretation of the Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) Real Estate 2020 – Building the Future Report / forecast. So some of it is my opinions based on what I have read. PWC appear to be saying in the report that the future of real estate is going to include an explosion of people and that they will be going to places where they want to be. They discuss the fact that popular large Cites in the World and in the US are likely to become mega-cities over the next several years, and popular secondary cities will likely become large-scale cities. There’s just no arguing the fact that the population curve is now aimed up at an ever-increasing slope and that increasing population is one of those trends that will change everything. PWC has looked at the World and to some extent they see more movement in developing countries than we will likely see in the developed US, but we are all on the same World population growth path. So there with be many more peo

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Apr 6, 2015 • 462 Views

Appraiser Background Checks

Feb 19, 2015 • 1115 Views