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How Much Parking Do You Need for a 65,000 seat NFL Stadium?

by Administrator on Mar 26, 2019 Prospective / Retrospective 163 Views

It’s a good question given the fact that Las Vegas is about to have one of those monster stadiums completed in a relatively short time. If you look at some of the other NFL stadiums online you will discover that the seat to parking ratio for many is about 2 to 1 up to about 4 to 1. Game day parking is relatively expensive at most of the stadiums even those with lots of parking available.

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Internet Information and Value

by Administrator on Mar 30, 2019 Market Conditions Articles 255 Views

If you own a parcel of real property and you attempt to sell it you may find that your past agent may have spent a lot of time and money “getting the word out” to potential buyers by publishing information on your real property via data marketing sites and via the posting of polished flyers. Your listing agent usually has a website and often they additionally pay to display your listed property on one or several third-party sites. It’s what you were looking for them to do, right? It sounds like a great idea listing your property with as many websites as possible, like for example the one owned by the listing agent / broker, the local Realtor site that often uploads to, the multiple listing service (MLS) website,,,, and the list goes on and on.

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