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Articles by September, 2018

Large Apartment / Condo Complex Appraisals are Different

by Administrator on Sep 1, 2018 Multi-Family / Apartment 149 Views

Apartment and condo complex appraisals are usually multiple building assignments. So appraisers may be physically looking at several multi-story structures. Some complexes have elevators and some do not. For many years in Clark County buildings were almost entirely constructed with a number of 2-story structures to avoid the cost of elevators. Unit types / amenities influence income Unit types in any given complex can vary and affect the income profile of an apartment complex. While offering 3-bedroom apartments may provide more income per unit the demand for apartments is solidly in the 2-bedroom category. My research indicates that 3-bedroom units in an apartment complex often provide a lower income per square foot (SF) than 2-bedroom units, and 1-bedroom apartment consistently provide the highest return per SF. The apartment mix is a variable that can make a difference to appraisers since it can influence the exiting income from an apartment complex and its future income

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Highest and Best Use Step-By-Step - Land Value

by Administrator on Sep 15, 2018 Highest and Best Use 228 Views

Many people make assumptions about vacant land parcels based on what they have been told on based on a brief observation. Properties that look valuable may however have little or no potential use, and thus little or no monetary value, while properties that appear worthless can be extremely valuable. For appraisers it all begins with a highest and best use analysis. Depending on the use a highest and best use analysis can be based on observed evidence and the land use patterns, but the process can be more intensive when necessary and include a complete market analysis and feasibility study. Most appraisals do not require the most intensive highest and best use development process.

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Considering Important Property Features

by Administrator on Sep 23, 2018 Residential Appraisal 75 Views

There are times when a standard analysis of real property characteristics is insufficient in an appraisal. As an example, most land appraisals consider things like topography and soils, but they done get into the slopes / grades of the comparable sales. When you get an appraisal assignment on a subject property with steep slopes it become important to know if the comparable sales are similar. If, for example, the subject has a 30% grade you don’t want to compare it to land that is flat. Some properties with steep slopes have terraced areas, so you can cut and fill a road to get to the terraced areas and develop them. Appraisers are often tasked with making decisions about net usable area. A subject property may be 10 Acres in gross but after you consider the slopes, low lands (including washes and streams) and shape the net usable area may be only 1 Acre. Other factors like soils, zoning, planning, and offsite infrastructure including roadways are also important factors and considered

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Identifying Easements for Appraisals

Mar 1, 2015 • 855 Views

Appraising Industrial Buildings

Dec 15, 2011 • 686 Views