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Articles by May, 2018

Are Your Improvements Contributory?

by Administrator on May 17, 2018 General Appraisal 255 Views

You are going to use that new industrial building that you just purchased for indoor tennis courts, and you want to know if those improvements will make the building worth more money? Or you already purchased and remodeled an industrial build to grow marijuana, and now it’s your opinion that those grow improvements are going to make it much more valuable. The problem that appraisers confront every day is that many parties who purchase industrial buildings and then modify them for a specialty purpose believe that there is an entire market full of people out there who are interested in purchasing the modified building, with its improvements, and they believe that there are many people willing to pay a premium for the improvements.

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How Much is Your Time as an Appraiser Worth?

by Administrator on May 17, 2018 Business Operation 117 Views

If you are doing FHA appraisals for $ 450 each you know what your time is worth because if you can complete 5 appraisal assignments a week your gross is $ 2,250 X 52 weeks a year is $ 117,000 a year. Most appraisers can’t however work without vacation time or any time off during the week and most don’t get a consistent number of assignments each and every month. An appraiser who does gross that much money makes about $ 56 an hour if they were working a standard 8 AM to 5 PM day, but we all know that appraisers usually work longer hours than that. Appraisers often work weekends, usually for the convenience of our clients, and many appraisers work more than an 8-hour day but have flexible hours if they are working for themselves. So, it’s hard to make comparisons with those in normal jobs if you don’t know how much time an appraiser is putting in to earn his or her income. I sometimes find that the hourly rate that I charged someone was too low because it actually took much longer t

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