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Litgation Support Case Record (Additional Qualification)

by Administrator on Jul 13, 2015 ROOT 1757 Views

For a long time I used a self-created format for presenting my court experience. The format that I used was very detailed and it included information on the judge, the attorneys, the case number and the specific type of case.  It was my belief that attorneys looking at my court history would want that level of detail, but I found some asking for a "standardized" presentation of the data.

I asked for direction and attorneys pointed me toward a summary format.  It lacks a lot of the detail that I used to provide, but apparently the attorneys don't need or want it.  I'm not sure how long this format has been around, maybe it's been used for 20-years and I just came upon it.  Either way I wanted to pass the information on to other appraisers who want to summarize their court experience for presentation to attorneys without following my too much detail report.

If you have another format that you like I would appreciate it if you would pass it along to me so that I can share it (I will gladly give you the credit).  The ligigation support / case record format that I am using is displayed in the following image.  Notably it's "additional qualifications" and the headings are "Descriiption," "year," "matter" meaning the case caption, and a letter or letters being an "R" for the completion of an appraisal report, a "D" for testifying at a deposition and a "T" for testifying at trial.

The pages that I developed include information on AAA arbitration case attendance, I don't list every one like the cases but I do mention them, and I only provided detail back for about 10 years, I guess no one cares what you have done if its more than that old.  Here is the image, let me know if it helps you out:

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